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Cream cabbage

from a danish cookbook.

Danish rollmops

there are so many variations and recipes for pickled herring, salted herring etc. this recipe has been an old standby for my mum and i like it. however i usually buy the tinned wine cured whole filets...

Danish meatloaf

original danish recipe from my mom.

Danish applepork

applepork is a old danish speciality, typically served at christmas.

Danish christmas red cabbage

in denmark it is traditional to serve a cooked pickled red cabbage for the christmas eve dinner. this is my grandmother's, and it is so easy to make and will be a great side dish to any roast duck, turkey...

Danish coffee

a nice change from spanish coffee; although, if you prefer that, just replace the cherry liqueur with tia maria or kahlua. it's also nice with grand marnier instead of the cherry liqueur, but then you'd...

Cream waffles

a danish recipe posted for zwt - scandinavia


this recipe is posted by request. it is from the cookbook

Danish aebleskiver

found on the net in response to a request. this information came with the recipe: "aebleskiver - a danish dessert, like doughnut holes, but sweeter & much better traditionally served with glogg during...

Danish cherries

a sweet scandinavian recipe adapted from moosewood cookbook. enjoy!

Danish kringle

from aebleskiver and more - a sampling of danish recipes by lisa steen riggs. i have heard this is devilishly hard to make, but well worth it if you can master it. i've never been able to make it. hope...

Danish aristocrats

excellent christmas recipe. i have made these every year since 1992 when i found the recipe in bc woman to woman magazine it was credited to mrs m.h. wilkinson. i have not changed anything in the recipe...

Copenhagen salad

this recipe has been posted here for play in zwt9 - scandinavia. this recipe is another one from - christian's danish recipes. copenhagen salad is an exotic and nutritious danish salad....

Danish christmas rice porridge

this is a real danish tradition for christmas eve and is served as a first course. when the porridge is almost cooked you make a ceremony, with everyone watching, of dropping one blanched almond in the...

Danish blue cheese pimento spread

the everything nordic cookbook included this wonderful sounding spread. i love blue cheese of any variety and intend to spread this on some dark rye bread!

Danish mandel kager almond cookies

a christmas favorite. easy to make

Danish apple and prune cake

this cake is truly delicious and has been a firm favourite in our family for years. great for special occasions when you have people over. it keeps well for at least a week in an airtight tin.

Danish pickled cucumbers syltede agurker

found on the net for the world tour. cook time is refrigeration time.

Danish apple pudding

a flavoursome danish apple pudding with hazelnuts, honey and lemon. this dessert can be made well ahead of serving time as it is served chilled. hazelnuts although high in fat contain mostly monosaturated...

Danablu tomatoes

tomatoes stuffed with a combination of apples, celery, and blue cheese.

Danish apple cake

this is the recipe for my mum's apple cake, the best apple cake and maybe the best cake i've ever eaten. it's great to eat as a dessert with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream with chopped hazelnuts,...

Danish pork tenderloins

the danes are famous for their great quality pork, and this recipe showcases it perfectly! serve with recipe #504523


i love this, though i will admit that for some it is an acquired taste. i like to top mine with lingon berry sauce, whole cranberry relish would do. it is pronounced 'rootmoose' or 'rut-muss' depending...

Danish roast beef

a recipe i found on christian's danish recipes, which has 600 danish recipes. this sounds very similar to what i do with roast beef. if you don't have black peppercorns, can sub ground black pepper....

Danish blue cheese salad

this recipe is from scandinavian feasts by beatrice ojakangas. everyone in my family loves it.

Christmas danish pastry

a very special treat. this recipe has lots of steps, not particularly difficult, but requires some patience and technique to get these looking perfect for gift giving. the taste is phenomenal. you will...

Danish pork liver pate

traditional liver pate served on open faced sandwiches with mushrooms, bacon and danish cucumber pickles.

Danish easter cake paaske kage

this is an old recipe i have from my grandma' johansen from denmark. it is very light and a delicious easter cake, it can be used as a christmas cake as well, but as most yeast bread it taste best when...


great heart healthy and low fat oatmeal cookies.


this is a danish meatball. they said it was in a very old cookbook. serve over parslied potatoes.

Danish ebleskivers

you cook these sweet treats in a ebleskiver pan, but a sandwich maker, the kind you can put a slice on bread in and the filling and another piece of bread on top and then close down the top of maker will...

Chocolate oat balls with marzipan

these balls are wonderful savory bites. place them in little foil cups for beautiful presentation and for something different on your cookie tray.

Scandi burgers

open faced "scandinavian style" burgers - a change of pace from a plain, old hamburger! a tribute to ballard (a seattle area neighborhood) and scandinavian folks everywhere. :)

Cream cheese and salmon smorrebrod

if using salted salmon it can be purchased at a delicatessen.

Copenhagen sandwich coolers

lovely addition to your summer salads

Savoury bacon and blue cheese danish pastries

a bit of a twist on the usual sweet danish pastries, these are my savoury danish pastries using danish bacon and danish blue cheese - a very tasty combination! use ready made puff pastry for speed and...


this is a danish type of pastry i first had when i visited milwaukee. these are shaped into rings and can be made in different flavors. prep time includes chilling time.

Eat some more danish tea cake

this recipe has been posted for zwt ii & my source is my "classic scandanavian cooking" cookbook by nika hazelton. per the intro, "from mrs. arne christiansen, who lived in america but cooked in the best...

Copenhagen potatoes

a danish recipe posted for zwt - scandinavia

Danish braised cabbage

this red cabbage recipe is a tangy addition to meals, and it's quite easy to prepare. note that the flavor deepens and improves if you prepare the dish a day ahead, refrigerate it, and then reheat it on...

Danish aebleskivers

my mom made these sometimes for breakfast on weekends while i was growing up. there's a lot of varieties of aebelskivers (little, round danish donuts), but she always made ones filled with applesauce....

Danish bubble

the rough translation of this dish means "scrambled food" and is a great dish to use up leftovers from the night before. we have had this for breakfast as well as supper. serve with ketchup, hp sauce...

Lekvar prune plum filling or apricot

found this on-line requested by a fellow zarrie needed for my lekvar (lehk-vahr) kugel recipe #53841( i was able to find it canned. a thick, soft spread made of fruit (usually prunes or apricots) cooked...

Christmas cardamom butter cookies

another danish/scandinavian recipe. cardamom is in the ginger family and has a pungent flavor. these cookies will disappear quickly (unless you don't like cardamom!)

Danish blackberry jam cake

posted for zwt 6

Curried eggs on toast

this is a traditional danish smorgasbord dish. it is very versatile i sometimes put a layer of steamed spinach in a casserole, leave out the toast,put boiled eggs onto the spinach, pour in the sauce and...

Danish pastry apple squares

the city i live in is very danish. these are a popular item at most bakeries at least once a week.

Danish cheese salad

from everything raw: the no-cooking cookbook by jennie reekie and found in the good cook salads. posted for zwt6. danish samsoe cheese is a semihard, pale yellow cheese with cherry sized holes. swiss...

Amager island stew amagergryde

amager stew is a traditional farmer's meal that originally comes from amager island near copenhagen.

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