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Vanilla Ice Cream

No cooking involved in this recipe for homemade ice cream using just cream, sugar, and vanilla with your ice cream maker.

Author: Ginger

Chocolate Peanut Butter Sheet Pan Ice Cream Sandwiches

An easy way to stock your freezer with homemade ice cream sandwiches: use baking sheets to make a giant ice cream-filled cookie that's easy to slice.

Author: Kendra Vaculin

To Die For Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

I couldn't find any recipes for chocolate peanut butter ice cream on this site, so I made one up. This is amazingly delicious--trust me on this. After tasting this, you'll have a difficult time justifying...

Author: Sheryl

Southern "One Cup" Peach Cobbler

In this cobbler recipe, the batter puffs up around the fruit, creating a cakey top and a gooey base.

Author: Joe Sevier

Ben and Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Make and share this Ben and Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe recipe from Food.com.

Author: ben0wilson

Strawberry Honey Balsamic With Black Pepper Ice Cream

This recipe from Salt & Straw takes sweet, rich strawberry ice cream up a notch-honey balsamic vinegar adds some tang and finely ground black pepper brings a little spice.

Author: Tyler Malek

No Cook Eggnog Ice Cream

A super easy, almost too easy, very rich ice cream machine recipe for the holidays.


Yoohoo Ice Cream

A dear friend shared this recipe with me when I was gifted my KitchenAid Ice Cream Mixer attachment. It doesn't get any easier than this and tastes just like a Wendys(r) Frosty! This recipe is for making...

Author: CindiJ

2 Ingredient Ice Cream

This is the easiest recipe for ice cream I have found. Add any extra ingredients (chocolate chips, caramel, vanilla bean, etc.) before freezing!

Author: Spetia

Sundae Brownie Bowl

Freshly baked brownie bowls to be filled with your favorite ice cream. A fun recipe for any ole time or a variety of holidays. In addition to the items below, you will need two muffin tins. Recipe from...

Author: gailanng

Peach Gelato

From TOH a gal from Baldwin, Wisconsin originally submitted. I have increased the original peach/water amount as hubby and I prefer a stronger peach taste. The color of this is more on the white side....

Author: WiGal

Raspberry and Pistachio Ice Cream Icebox Cake

Nutty pistachio and tangy raspberry jam spread through whipped cream make for a lovely duo in this easy ice cream cake layered with Biscoff cookies.

Author: Kendra Vaculin

Peppermint Stick Ice Cream with Hot Fudge Sauce

The most delicious mint ice cream there is--tinted pink and studded with crushed candy canes or peppermint candies. This is bound to become your new fave. And if you top it with hot fudge sauce, you may...

Author: Jessie Sheehan

Blackberry and Chocolate Ice Cream Icebox Cake

This easy dessert for summer is simply assembled with whipped cream, blackberry jam, chocolate graham crackers, & storebought chocolate ice cream.

Author: Kendra Vaculin

Peach and Butter Pecan Ice Cream Icebox Cake

A few tweaks to the standard icebox cake formula make this ice cream cake stand out: jam, Ritz crackers, and a layer of butter pecan ice cream.

Author: Kendra Vaculin

Easy & Healthy Banana "Ice Cream"

After seeing this idea floating around the web, I thought I'd experiment a little. Three simple ingredients, no sugar added, no ice cream machine needed... How much healthier and easier could it get? This...

Author: MarthaStewartWanabe

Easy Peasy Mandarin Orange Ice Cream

This is quick, easy, and brings out your sweet tooth! I prefer maple syrup but you can use any kind of syrup according to your sweet tooth. Honey also works.

Author: Little Cook

Slow Cooker Amaretto Poached Peaches

The slow cooker doesn't have to be for all-day projects. This simple dessert is easy to assemble right before a dinner party, and the tender, boozy peaches will be ready to serve by the time you're ready...

Author: Anna Stockwell

Vanilla Ice Cream IV

This is the best Vanilla Ice Cream you'll ever eat. The pudding makes it so much creamier than plain vanilla ice cream. If you want to add fruit, put the sugar in the chopped fresh fruit ahead of time...

Author: Lisa Yelverton

Lemon Ice

This refreshing frozen lemon dessert is dairy free. It comes from Chris Bianco of the cookbook, Bianco.

Author: Chris Bianco

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

A smooth and delicious Vanilla Ice Cream, generously sprinkled with Milk Chocolate Chips. I found this on the 'Real Simple' website, and couldn't resist trying it to test my new Ice Cream Maker.

Author: Misplaced Brit

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Nothing beats the flavors of rich chocolate, refreshing peppermint, and luscious vanilla ice cream on a hot day. This pretty ice box cake comes together easily, thanks to prepared ice cream sandwiches...

Author: Katherine Sacks

Oreo® Ice Cream

This is a super simple recipe make some delicious Oreo® ice cream and you don't need an ice cream maker.

Author: dominictermine

Baked Alaska Saint Pierre

This orange-scented cake-layered with vanilla ice cream and orange sorbet-is frozen, covered in meringue, toasted in a hot oven, and, finally, set on fire.

Creamy Lemonade Soft Serve Ice Cream

I was trying to make lemonade ice pops and they didn't quite harden. I scooped them into a bowl and this is the result. Creamy, lemony, sweet, and tart soft-serve ice cream.

Author: Yoly

3 Ingredient Frozen Mud Pie

This easy ice cream pie recipe requires just three ingredients and combines the flavors of coffee and chocolate.

Author: Dawn Perry

Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich

I use my favorite no-churn ice-cream recipe in these ice-cream sandwiches which makes them really quick and easy. You could use your own favorite ice-cream; just defrost it slightly so you can spread it...

Author: Martha Collison

Sweet Corn Ice Cream With Butterscotch

Sweet summer corn makes a surprising star turn in this ultra-creamy dessert flecked with rich butterscotch sauce and crunchy caramel popcorn.

Author: April Bloomfield

Snow Cream

Fresh snow turned ice cream in 5 minutes or less! Fun to do with kids. The toppings/mix-in options are endless. Fresh fruit is a great mix in for snow cream, as well as chocolate chips.

Author: sparrow

Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Pink and blue ice cream with cotton candy flavors. Very simple to make and fun for the kids on really hot summers. Enjoy! Also there is no extra sugar needed for this recipe; that's what the cotton candy...

Author: Larissa

Overnight Delight White Coffee Ice Cream

The use of whole beans creates an almost-white coffee ice cream, with all the robust flavor of freshly brewed coffee. The oil from the beans seeps into the cream and the result is almost like a 'coffee...

Author: Julie Julie

Chocolate Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Since these cookies are meant to be eaten frozen in this ice cream cookie sandwiches recipe, we made them extra salty so the flavor stands out.

Author: Claire Saffitz

No Cook Homemade Maple Nut Ice Cream

An easy no-cook ice cream recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the hassle of an egg recipe. Remove from freezer 20 minutes before serving.

Author: Jim79

3 Ingredient Ginger Peach Ice Cream Floats

Poaching peaches in ginger beer infuses them with sweet, spicy flavor. Layer the poached fruit with ice cream and top with more ginger beer for a fun new take on a classic float.

Author: Anna Stockwell

Coconut Strawberry Ice Cream Pie

When a crunchy salted press-in crust and swirly fruity ice cream team up, everyone wins. It's pie without baking and an ice cream sundae without the fuss. Success can be yours-just keep everything cold...

Author: Kat Boytsova

Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

The easiest, most delicious homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe. I use a Cuisinart® ice cream maker but the recipe can be used with other ice cream makers.

Author: Erin Reeder

Peanut Butter Waffles

Crisp and nutty -- a nice change of pace for breakfast! Wonderful, too, as dessert waffles with ice cream and chocolate sauce. From the Peter Pan Peanut Butter Cookbook dated 1963.

Author: KerfuffleUponWincle

Chocolate Cherry Pops

These rich popsicles are made with a chocolate pudding base, whipped topping and cherry preserves. With some help from the store, you can have these done in no time at all.

Author: Jonathan Melendez

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

It only takes a few ingredients to make Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream's creamy, dreamy salted caramel scoop.

Author: Benjamin Van Leeuwen

Cheesecake Ice Cream

Great ice cream recipe, perfect with your favorite berries.

Author: Robert

Jeni's Splendid Roasted Strawberry and Buttermilk Ice Cream

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream is very famous out of Columbus Ohio. She generously gave one of her recipes in Ohio Magazine June 2011 issue.She said she puts some cream cheese in her recipes to give it some...

Author: retiree09

Oatmeal Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Use one flavor (like pistachio) for this ice cream cookie sandwiches recipe, or mix it up: Each pint will yield enough ice cream for three sandwiches.

Author: Claire Saffitz

Peach Cobbler Ice Cream Cake

Make and share this Peach Cobbler Ice Cream Cake recipe from Food.com.

Author: Jonathan Melendez

Coffee and Donuts Ice Cream

Frozen breakfast! Inspired by New York City donut shops. I've been making this for years, I can't believe one of the big companies hasn't made it yet.

Author: JOHNN11102

No Churn Fresh Mint and Chocolate Ice Cream

No ice cream machine required for this frozen treat, as the cream is whipped before being frozen. As you fold in the sifted cocoa powder, it won't want to dissolve at first, but keep going. The small clumps...

Author: Sarah Jampel

Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream

This ice cream was, I dare say, a perfect fusion of a few different recipes from this great website. I enjoyed making it with my 6-year-old nephew-to-be.

Author: chrisweed

Dark Chocolate Semifreddo

The texture of this airy semifreddo-an Italian ice cream-like dessert that requires no special equipment-is somewhere between frozen chocolate mousse and gelato.

Mango Milkshakes


Author: Starrynews

Cranberry Pistachio Baked Alaska

Underneath the toasted meringue, you'll find a surprising lightness that comes from cheery red cranberry sorbet layered with pale green pistachio ice cream and buttery pound cake.

Author: Lillian Chou

Vegan Banana Ice Cream

Watching frozen bananas blend into ice cream seems like magic; no sugar or dairy required. For extra flavor, stir in toasted chopped walnuts and dark chocolate chunks for a easy spin on Chunky Monkey ice...

Author: Katherine Sacks