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Dumplings for Stew Grandma's Old Fashioned Recipe

These dumplings were a staple in Grandma's recipe file. She made them for chicken, turkey, and beef stews and soups. These dumplings are basically fluffy biscuits without a crust. They are moist when done...

Author: Kathie Carr

Crusty Italian Bread

Found this tonight on a site called: cooklikeyourgrandmother.com. The recipe sounds promising, & the pic is from their website. I recommend checking out the website as well as the recipe, it's full of...

Author: Donna Roth

Fried Cornbread (AKA Hoe Cakes)

I remember eating fried cornbread as a child. My mom would serve it with Pinto's or other types of dry beans. I think it depends on where you're from, but these are also called, "Hoe Cakes." Regardless...

Author: Elaine Bovender

The Best Sweet Yeast Roll Dough I Have Ever Found

These homemade rolls are a recipe that brings back memories of childhood. It's a basic, old-fashioned yeast roll recipe. They smell amazing while baking but be patient... good things come to those who...

Author: Kathie Carr

Tips for baking in clay flower pots


Author: Penny Hall

Mexican Cornbread Southern Style

This is an OLD family recipe from a dear departed loved one of mine, she was from New Orleans. When she gave me the recipe secrets, she was in here 90's.When Mrs. Margaret made Mexican Cornbread, she'd...

Author: Cyann Privately

Crusty Italian Bread

This one reminds me of the great breads that I enjoy when eating out...you know the ones you fill up on before you entree comes! Yep, this one is that good. There are a lot of steps in this recipe, but...

Author: Gena Buck

Bread For Communion Unleavened

Our church is small. So I only make approximately 25 to 50. If you belong to a larger church, you can double or triple the recipe. Some people like to have the bread round instead square, you can do both....

Author: Mary R Morris

Heavenly Hard Rolls

Hard rolls, those with soft, pillow-y insides and crunchy-chewy crusts are difficult to find outside the older cities of the North and East. As independent bakers become harder to find, so do the rolls....

Author: Heidi Hoerman

Homemade Cuban Bread/Pan Cubano Casero

The distinctive taste of Cuban bread is due to the use of starter, which is made the day before and also very important the dough is enriched with lard. Yes, I said Lard from pork!! You can substitute...

Author: Juliann Esquivel

Bird in the Nest

There are so many names for this one, but if you like toast and fried eggs you probably have a version of it. It makes a quick and easy breakfast that satisfies as the yolk soaks into crusty bread. My...

Author: David Reeves

Masa Double Cornbread

Masa - the base of corn tortillas - is basically cornmeal that has been processed in a way that makes the vitamin content more usable. I use the brand Maseca, which my grocery store stocks next to the...

Author: April McIver

Crackling Corn Bread

To most of you Nothherners this bread may seem a bit unusual, but to many of us Southerners, we were introduced to this bread as kids by our parents & grand parents. I have no idea how this recipe was...

Author: Rose Mary Mogan


Hunza Diet Bread is a delicious, dense, chewy bread that's very nutritious and is almost impervious to spoilage. The following recipe makes a huge batch of approximately 60 (sixty) 2 inch squares, high...

Author: Stormy Stewart

Bread Machine Light Moist Buttermilk Bread

This is a really good light easy bread recipe. It also keeps very well. I make this recipe in a Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme with excellent results every time.

Author: Suzanne Thomas

CHEESE FRENCHIES..... Famous 1960 Recipe

50 years ago these were very popular,at a few restaurants mainly in the midwesten states. Does any one remember The Kings Restaurants? I enjoyed them years ago, in Nebraska, driving on the way to Cheyenne,Wy....

Author: Nancy J. Patrykus

Country White Bread for 2 lb. Machine

Until I found this recipe my bread didn't turn out very well. Now, I make it nearly everyday. It makes a great sandwich, too. The only problem is that it doesn't last long enough around here!! I finally...

Author: Karla Harkins

Cornbread Dumplings

These are usually added to soups, stews and collard greens.

Author: Sherard Lewis

Navajo fry Bread

Navajo Fry bread my family's favorite. topped with Pinto Beans lettuce tomatoes and cheese. Or as a dessert with honey or sprinkle powdered sugar

Author: Teresa Morgan

Savory Zucchini Garlic Onion Dill Bread

A deliciously moist, buttery garlic bread with shredded cheddar, garlic, dill and onion. Although you can make this in a standard loaf pan, I think that it's much nicer baked in mini loaf pans. Sliced...

Author: Family Favorites

Italian Bread for the Bread Machine

This recipe was given to me by one of my sister's. This makes excellent toast and french toast. My sister hasn't bought a loaf of bread since she has owned her bread maker.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: Zelda Hopkins

Momma's Cracklin Cornbread

I came across this recipe a few years ago when going through a box of old papers. Since we lived in the country in Oklahoma when I was a child, we had pigs, chickens, a garden, etc. so everything was made...

Author: Jeanne Benavidez

Crusty Bread In A Cast Iron Pot

This is so easy. Just let it sit overnight and then bake. You can also add your favorite spices to this recipe like rosemary, cinnamon, or even cheese.

Author: Valeree Dunbar

Some uses for Frozen bread dough

These are a few of the many uses for that frozen bread dough you can get in the frozen foods isle

Author: Stormy Stewart

Old Fashioned Potato Bread (Bread Machine)

Prep. time on this includes the rising time! Machines will differ somewhat, but they are usually pretty close. This is an especially good potato bread. My family loves it. It's really good with stews,...

Author: Amy Alusa


This recipe was my Grandmothers recipe. I could not find it in my Mother's recipe box. I asked my Aunt and she had saved the recipe. Delicious!

Author: Jean Fisher

Potato Flake Sourdough Starter and Bread Recipe

I used to make this years ago. I had forgotten about it until my daughter asked for some. I found this on the internet. This isn't as sweet as Amish Friendship Bread.

Author: Karla Harkins

2 hour buns

These are delicious. I always make them for any holiday dinner.

Author: Lori Foster

7 Grain Homemade Bread

As a child growing up in a family of 6, there was a need to save money and made your own meals, desserts and pastries. I'm the eldest and it was expected to learn how to do so many things and take care...

Author: Colleen Bos

Cheesy Corn Bread in a Jiffy

As many have figured out, there is no reason not to use the good old standby Jiffy Bread Corn Bread mix. It always comes out great. The corn in the bread makes for a nice appreciated surprise to the devourer....

Author: Sanity Chek

Bahamas: Johnny Cake (Corn Bread)

Johnny cake is served throughout The Bahamas so it's not uncommon to find a variety of distinctive tastes. Different places and different islands have different recipes. This version is served at the Cricket...

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)


Make your own hotdog or hamburger buns in just 30 minutes? Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't. This is a speedy, delicious one-bowl recipe that works every time. I am happy to share this recipe...

Author: BonniE !

Great Grandma Amy's Swedish Rye Bread

This recipe was given to my Grandmother when she was first married to my grandfather, but her mother in law didn't give her the correct recipe!She would make it for dinner and it never tasted correct,...

Author: Elizabeth Lancaster

Bahamas Coconut Bimini Bread

This recipe has been posted here for play in CQ3 - Bahamas. Found at website:http://globaltableadventure.com/recipe/recipe-coconut-bimini-bread/ Coconut Bimini Bread is easy with the help of a bread machine...

Author: Baby Kato

~ Scrumptious Pineapple Banana Nut Bread ~

One of the best breads you will ever sink your teeth into. When I take this to Church it's devoured. This recipe was shared with me by my aunt many years ago. Always a big hit. I tweaked it just a little,...

Author: Cassie *

Batter Bread Easy Yeast Bread Grandma's

Grandma could stir up this no-knead white yeast bread quickly and bake it fresh for same day use. Of course it still takes a while because bread must rise, and that takes time. Prep time includes rising...

Author: Kathie Carr

Soft and Easy White Bread (Bread Machine)

Another of my "go to" easy bread machine recipes. This promises to be fail proof and turns out a soft bread w/ a flaky crust. Perfect for all uses; my favorite is a big slice popped in the micro for 10...

Author: Cindy Smith Bryson

Italian Anise Easter Bread

Subtlety sweet... tastes like Easter!

Author: Mary Silva

Awesome Homemade Crusty Bread (ABM)

This recipe was posted by Marie on Food.com. It was originally a 1 1/2 lb. loaf and I adjusted it to a 2 pound loaf. This is my favorite bread to make. Very easy and the ingredients are very simple with...

Author: Patricia J.

Stuffed Sopapillas

This is a popular main dish in a local restaurant. I have changed it up a little to make it a bit healthier. (Took away the frying).

Author: Sharee Robbins

Blue Cornbread

Blue cornmeal can be found in natural food stores, or from Bob's Redmill company. ETA: After making this, I think I will double the ingredients next time, but still use the same size pan and possible increase...

Author: Mikekey *

Simple garlic & herb bread crumbs

i didn't have any bread crumbs in the house the other night and i wanted to make my baked pork stew meat with garlic rice. so yup you guessed it i made my own. not real hard to do but it made my pork even...

Author: michelle 'FLAME' kelley

Black Russian Bread Machine Loaf


Author: Susan Feliciano

Broccoli Cornbread

My niece, Kristie, makes this when we all get together. My dad says, "no way, give me real cornbread," but he doesn't like broccoli. Sorry, Dad, this is great stuff!

Author: Debbie Quimby

Easy Cottage Bread

From my moms kitchen this is so good with fresh honey butter, or butter and fresh strawberry or peach jam.

Author: malinda sargent

Avanti's Bread

A favorite restaurant of mine in Peoria, IL, near the hometown where I lived until I was 25, serves a submarine-style sandwich on this bread, called a "Gondola" (sliced salami, ham, American cheese, lettuce...

Author: Amanda Smith

Lembas Bread (Lord of the Rings "authentic" Elvish

So I'm a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan. I HAD to post this lembas bread recipe.

Author: Linda Bryant


One of the ingredients is a 7 GRAIN CEREAL. Some stores and Health Food Stores will have it. The recipe is in my "new $10.00!" OSTER BREAD MACHINE. Love it! This one makes 3 sizes of various loaf breads!!...

Author: Nancy J. Patrykus

Buttermilk Bread For The Bread Machine

I found this recipe in the 2004 Taste of Home Quick Cooking Cookbook.It was sent into them by Nita Anderson of Florence Alabama. NOTE: I just used the dough cycle on my machine.After removing the dough,...

Author: Rose Daly

Easy Bisquick Pizza Crust

This used to be on the back of the Bisquick boxes. maybe still is. I just wanted it in my recipe box and for u too if you maybe haven't seen it. its real good, and makes good bread sticks too

Author: joy b.