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Smoked Salmon Brine

There won't be any leftovers! The smoky-rich tang that comes from your fillets will astound everyone. You and your guests will not be able to stop eating this high-protein, rich in Omega-3 oils delight....

Author: Sherry Blizzard

Crab Balls

These baked crab balls are super easy to make, and are a fun dish to make. The recipe is fun because it could be enjoyed as an appetizer or a light dinner.

Author: Melissa Turner

Easy, delicious fried oysters

I love fried oysters and this recipe makes it very simple.

Author: sherry monfils

Baked Bay Scallops

So good and easy to make.

Author: Pam Crist

Louisiana Hot Crab Dip

If you like hot crab dip then you'll love this version. It is definitely kicked up a knotch from the older recipes that have been around for a while. Great with your favorite cracker or chips. Thanks to...

Author: Ruby Henderson

Grilled Oysters, No shell needed!

I couldn't find a good grill recipe for these tender morsels, so I created one... they turned out wonderful!

Author: Linda Rider

Dad's Clam Dip

This is a recipe that my Dad came up with and he has made it for every Thanksgiving and Christmas for as long as I can remember. It's my favorite dip. My Dad usually eyeballs the ingredients, but I've...

Author: Melissa Snow

Quick and Easy Seafood Pinwheels

My daughter and I loved seafood and wanted to take an easy serve snack to a friends. I came up with this.

Author: Melanie B62

Pickled Fish

Many of you have purchased Pickled Herring I am sure. It has been a New Years Eve Tradition in our house for over fifty years. "Noon Hour" is a good brand. You can make a very good Pickled Fish at home....

Author: Gary Hancq

Deep Fried Lobster Bites

We love lobster and absolutely loved this recipe. The tempura batter is flavorful and not overly heavy. Serve at a New Year's Eve party and impress your guests! Be careful not to over fry your lobster...

Author: Melissa Turner

"Naked" Oysters Rockefeller

sometimes called "Naked" Rockefeller because of the missing shell, but that is all that is missing because the abundance of Oyster and flavor will have the table singing your PRAISE!!!!!

Author: Bill Wentz

Scungilli Salad

Classic favorite in my house,I get this from my inherited Italian side!! :)

Author: Eddie Szczerba

Fried Calamari w/Garlic Mayonnaise Dipping Sauce

My family loves this recipe as it beats anything they can order in a restaurant. It is light, crispy, not greasy and packed with suttle yet notable flavors.

Author: Nancy Vargas

Shrimp Gelatin Mold

I used to make this whenever I had Tupperware or Interior Design parties. It was requested by the invited guests. They said if I didn't make, it they wouldn't come. This is an easy recipe to make and is...

Author: Elaine Laskowski



Author: Lou Ann Marques

California Rolls (Sushi)

Here's is a simple and cheapest way to eat all the sushi you want! This is also a great side dish for your Sunday afternoon football game. You can use any filling such as: scrambled eggs (cut lengthwise),...

Author: Connie "Kiyu" Guerrero

Rhode Island Stuffed Quahogs

A traditional RI Style stuffed hard shell clam...served with a lemon wedge and tobasco sauce.

Author: Malinda Coletta

Longhorn's Wild West Shrimp w/Prairie Dust

My daughter Lexi and I love going to Longhorn Steakhouse as a special treat. We end up ordering two orders of this because we love it soooo much. This is not my recipe but a copycat. I am making a cookbook...

Author: Victoria Ross

EZ Crawfish Bread

There are plenty of crawfish bread recipes out there, with all kinds of crazy ingredients, but this one is simple, delicious, and very close to the famous Jazz Fest dish. You can use thawed frozen crawfish...

Author: Donna Graffagnino

Easy Cod Fish Cakes

This is my grandmothers recipe. We loved these as a child

Author: Michele Osborne

Smoked Mahi Mahi Dip

I used mahi mahi because that was what I had on hand, but feel free to use any kind of smoked fish you have. The ingredients as well, use more or less as suits your tastes. Our fish was brined first and...

Author: Jane Whittaker

Mini Crawfish (or Shrimp) Pies

I am "required" to make and bring these to parties and family gatherings. When I can't sleep I get in the kitchen and cook, actually experiment, which is how I came up with these. They aren't hard to make,...

Author: Donna Graffagnino

Clam fritters

If your from Rhode Island you will Love this recipe!!!

Author: Jane priesmeyer

Deep Fried Catfish Bites with a Kickback Sauce

I love good catfish, and these have just the right amount of flavor in the coating so that they don't overpower the taste of the fish. Add to that a kickback dipping sauce, and you have all the ingredients...

Author: Andy Anderson !

New Orleans Stuffed Crab Eggroll

I love this time of year for the crabs. As a kid my mom would always make stuffed crabs, well crabmeat stuffing baked on individual aluminum crab shaped tins that we washed after each time we used them....

Author: Stacey Lawson

Crab Meat Canapes'

New England Crab Meat recipe, great for appetizers to serve, can use canned as well. Makes 16 canapes'

Author: Carol Junkins

English Muffin Crab Cakes

Great yummy party food that can be made ahead of time and frozen till ready to bake

Author: donna bahl

Crab Appetizers

Prepared by Carol Conboy for our April, 2013, meeting

Author: Club Recipes

Best Shrimp Toast EVER!!

I love Shrimp Toast from the Chinese restaurants. Some restaurants make them realy good and some not. I love to cook and wanted to give it a try. I set out my search for a good tasting recipe. After trying...

Author: Cheryl Jordan

Crab and Shrimp Soup

This creamy soup is not only quick and easy to throw together, but it is so good. Full of shrimp and big sweet lumps of crab, the flavor combinations are great! The seasonings are spot-on and the slight...

Author: Julianne Frazier

Tomatoes Stuffed with Shrimp

This is one of my favorite spring and summer recipes. I love tomatoes and I love shrimp. I've made these on a baking sheet and put the baking sheet on the grill outside for a few minutes until they were...

Author: Robyn Bruce

Game Day Fire Cracker Shrimp

These shrimp are BIG on flavor! We fried 'em up in coconut oil and couldn't be happier with the results. A new game day fave!

Author: Carol White

Shrimp Deviled Eggs


Author: Tony G.

Crawfish Bread

This is one of my "go to" appetizers! It's easy and flavorful and just says "Welcome to the South"! If you aren't a crawfish fan, substitute shrimp (peeled and deveined) for the crawfish! Or, if you're...

Author: Sylvia Waldsmith

Steamed Snow Crab Legs`

The family loves this steamed snow crab legs recipe. And if you do not have a steamer, use a two piece pasta pot with the strainer portion as a steamer insert works well to steam crab legs.

Author: Marie Lesane

Dad's Rhode Island Stuffies

I will forever remember my Dad for making these for me when I came home during the summer! I love them with the addition of Portuguese sausage! Quahogs are a hard shelled type of clam. If you can not find...

Author: star pooley

Crab Mold (Crab Dip)

This was always on our holiday tables with the chips, dips and snacks and mom took it to parties all the time. I love the flavor and creamyness. For me it tastes best on snack crackers like Ritz.

Author: Laurie Colvin

Tuna Mold or Spread

handed down and delicious...never told exactly what was a click, smidgen or dash....but have yet to make a bad mold...so I don't worry about it. You can skip the gelatin and make it a spread....same delicious...

Author: Maggie Gastring-Wilke

Shrimp Mousse Dip

I've had this recipe for years, everyone who loves shrimp loves this dip. Serve with your favorite crackers. For special occasions pour mousse in a football shaped mold, or for Christmas a pine cone or...

Author: Goldie Barnhart

Baked Crab Popper Delights

The perfect crab appetizer! These are basically a crab cake in popper form. No one needs to know how quick and easy these are. With a bit of heat, the red pepper adds a punch of flavor. The lemon sauce...

Author: Diana Hohman

Oysters Bienville

This dish is named in honor Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, the french colonial governor of Louisiana, who founded New Orleans in 1718. Here in the south oyster season usually opens sometime...

Author: donna morales

Breaded Calamari

Savory, satisfying and perfectly crispy! This is a terrific, basic recipe for making delicious calamari at home.

Author: Amanda Brecht

Halibut Cakes / Patties

Halibut is so darned expensive! We had some left over Halibut and I was looking for a way to use it up. This is an adaption of the Halibut cake recipe I found on the Halibut Barn web site.

Author: Chris L.

Hot Crawfish Dip

If crawfish are out of season try substituting shrimp. If possible use boiled crawfish or shrimp for the extra flavor and just add them last so they don't overcook and get too rubbery. Some day I want...

Author: Ruby Henderson

Crab Tartlets Steph

These tartlets are similar to a baby quiche and perfect for the holidays. They'd be great for any party and no one needs to know how easy they are to make.

Author: Stephanie Dodd

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Keto Friendly

These stuffed mushrooms are delicious! The crab mixture is creamy with lovely crab flavor. Pork skins are an unusual topping and add a wonderful guilt-free crunch to the tops of these. We love Old Bay...

Author: Jill Moody

So Wrong 4 That Deep Fried Bread & Butter Crabs

These crabs are so wrong on every level imaginable! Caution: Very addictive and exremely dangeous to your waistline. Shoot, you only have one life to live so go for it. It's so totally worth it. Happy...

Author: Sherri Williams

Crab Imperial stuffed portobellos

Crab imperial baked in a Ramekin just got UPGRADED. Feel free to omit the cheese if you choose or experiment with different types of cheese. I have used mozzarella, provolone, Swiss, Fontina and Asiago....

Author: Greg Appel

Cuban glazed shrimp with citrus rum sauce

A perfect hot weather dish, laced with orange juice, ginger and rums ource unknown

Author: Lynnda Cloutier