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Top recipes for "Broccoli"

Artichoke and broccoli frittata crustless quiche

a frittata (also known as crustless quiche) is a perfect palette for colorful vegetables and strongly flavored cheeses. what i love about frittatas is that they are one of the few egg dishes that are delicious...

Crunchy salad

this is a salad that is great for summer picnics since there is no mayo in it. any time i serve it to guest i am asked for the recipe. thanks to my sister in law lori, she was kind enough to pass the recipe...

Crisp roasted broccoli

i hated broccoli growing up and still only like it in a very few ways. this is by far my family's favorite.

Creamy chicken pasta and broccoli bake

a tasty one dish meal from kraft. they kept it quite light, and it's still creamy and comforting. you can use any shaped pasta and try to go for the high fibre ones. smart pasta has the most fibre, but...

Detox salad

packing a powerhouse of nutrients, this light & energizing salad will have you bursting with energy. it makes a lot so you can enjoy it all week long for easy, energizing lunches.don't skip the currants...

Chop chop beef stir fry

this is from hungry girl, and according to her only has 293 calories vs the 437 that calculates! don't know where the discrepancy is since there isn't added cooking oil? yet it still manages...

Crunchy baked broccoli

found this simple recipe on facebook! it is surprising how much baking the broccoli changes the flavor. the result is addicting!!

Dilled broccoli

got this recipe from a co-worker and have made it often. one of the few ways i can get my husband to eat broccoli! this recipe can be halved, as it makes alot.

Cl sichuan shrimp stir fry with broccoli or asparagus

entered for safe-keeping, adapted from cooking light by betsy burtis

Creamy broccoli mushroom casserole

a very pretty side dish that tastes as good as it looks. from saveur, but i use frozen broccoli instead of fresh and light mayo instead of regular mayo.

Cran broccoli salad

found this recipe in a readers digest in the doctors office a few years ago and it has been a must have during holidays ever since. the recipezaar database did not recognize "one bag of broccoli slaw"...

Easy cheezy broccoli bake

easy! can be prepared up to putting on the grated cheese. then just pop into the oven when needed to be heated up.great for the holidays because it can be prepped before hand.

Cool broccoli salad

this is so delicious and easy. leftovers hold up well in the refrigerator... that is if you have any! this was the original recipe but i take liberty based on my taste.

Easy broccoli quiche

i'm always on the lookout for new ways to fix broccoli, since it is one of the few veggies my kids will eat. i got this off of the back of a frozen bag of broccoli. easy and tasty.

Crispy chicken with broccoli

both the chicken and broccoli get pan seared in this stir fry recipe. serve with white or brown rice. note: if you are like me and freeze your ginger, then grate it, you should use less for this recipe,...

Dream of broccoli soup

from the november 2004 issue of first magazine. i like the added touch of the "hearts" with each serving.

Easy chicken broccoli casserole

i was trying to find something quick and healthy for my kids one day, and while rummaging through the pantry i came across these ingredients and decided to throw them together. it was an instant hit!

Diabetic broccoli in garlic sauce

from - delicious!

Quick easy steamer bag vegetable soup

i am tired of the cost and similar taste of all the canned soups out there, but i wanted something that was almost as easy to fix for lunch. as an added plus, my son said it was the best vegetable soup...

Crunchy turkey bake

great for leftover turkey! garnish with parsley. serves 8.

Thai pad pra ram

chicken (or tofu) with stir fry vegetables, jasmine rice and peanut sauce.

Chinese style broccoli

this recipe is from south beach diet. ordinary broccoli springs to life with this garlicky lemon-soy dressing. serve it with any asian-flavored dish or even a simple grilled chicken or shrimp skewer.

Crab broccoli bake

here's a quick, easy and healthy casserole for dinner. add some brown rice, or whole grain bread - and a salad for a great meal!

Spicy broccoli

here'a a zippy way to spice up a veggie that so many dislike. this recipe is from a newspaper clipping long ago. hope you enjoy it as much as my family does!

Nutty and sweet broccoli salad

i found this recipe in the cookbook gardening and cooking with diane. if you are a vegetarian you could leave out the bacon or substitute with artificial bacon bits.

Broccoli and egg sandwich

this was a specialty of my grandma's. i remember when i was a kid she would sometimes make this for my mom to take for her lunch at work. eventually gram wound up sending about 6 sandwishes everytime...

Broccoli pesto

a very interesting change from regular pesto, yes?

Susie slaw

i don't know who susie is, but my mom has made this salad for years and it is my absolute favorite! everyone requests this dish whenever we go to barbecues! don't add the dressing until right before serving...

Broccoli with almonds and lemon zest

easy recipe from albertsons/sav-on. go ahead if you wish and substitute another favorite mushroom;-shiitake, oyster, etc.

Broccoli spaghetti

i got this from an italian co-worker after having it at a work pot-luck. the flavor is really intense, and this can be served as either a side-dish or a meatless meal-in-itself. you can really use any...

Easy broccoli soup

i saw this being made on tv (aww) and thought it looked really good. on the programme they said to serve with toasted slices of french bread which were topped with crumbled blue cheese and grilled. i...

Delicious broccoli salad

very much like the broccoli salad from a local deli.

Vegetarian pizza muffins

simple pizza muffins, easy to make. could be cut in to 1/4 for appetizers. enjoy

Broccoli apple salad

i like this salad any time of year, but especially in fall when the local big juicy pick-your-own apples are ripe. best the same day as prepared.

Broccoli with lemon kalamata olives and capers

from a local source. i tested this recipe by substituting a variety of colors of cauliflower (purple, white, golden) for the broccoli. other cruciferous vegetables such as broccolini, broccoflower, brussels...

Veggie medley

i am a carnivore at heart. i was the child who never ate her vegetables. a couple of years ago, my husband and i started trying to eat healthier. this meant turning my kitchen into a laboratory. i came...

Easy cheesy ham and veggie rice casserole diabetic

this recipe comes from a diabetic cookbooklet.

Broccoli pierre

having company? this would make a wonderful addition to your table.

Broccoli salad ultra low carb

i love the vinegary, sweet crunch of broccoli salad,but the sugars and fats in the original are a no-no now. this is a satisfying alternative.

Beef and broccoli with garlic sauce

love this recipe. works best if you cut all veggies before starting. i like to use about 4 cups veggies for this.

Velveeta broccoli rice casserole

a good dish to serve as a side on a holiday or everyday occasion.

Crunchy broccoli almond salad

had this salad at a bridal shower and could not get enough of it. cooking time includes chill time.

Leftover vegetable casserole

use any vegetables you have left in your fridge that you need to use. add meat to give more flavor.

Lemon sauce for broccoli or cauliflower

tired of cheese sauce? try this quick sauce for a change. may 2008: edited to add the small amount of sugar the reviewers suggested -- thank you both! this recipe only makes a small amount of sauce, for...

Curry broccoli salad

the best broccoli sadad i've had! i have cheated and used precooked bacon crumbles. works just as well. also i have replaced about 1/2 of the mayo with yogurt. this recipe is so good.

Broccoli cheese and potato soup

taken from the skinnytaste website, this is a fantastic and satisfying soup that is easy on the calories. with this much flavor you won't miss them!

Easy broccolini with oyster sauce

this also works well with chinese broccoli. i have never made it with regular broccoli or other greens, but it would probably work just as well with them too.

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