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Top recipes for "Crab"

Crabmeat hoezel

this is from the cookbook-i'll have what they're having [legendary local cuisine}it was created by john hoesel,president of the pittsburgh and a boyhood friend of his it was first served at the duquesne...

Crab bake

a quick crab dish from the caribbean. the other option is to put grated cheese on top instead of or in addition to the breadcrumbs. you can add more spices if you like it spicier ie. cayenne

Crab boats

this is absolutely wonderful. i changed the recipe to smaller slices of french bread and spread the crab filling on the top. heat and serve as appetizer or with a soup for lunch.

Crabmeat enchiladas

this is so good. a different twist on enchiladas. it has been around my house for a long time. it is adapted from a recipe in a 1979 edition of seasoned with sun.

Crab ball hors d oeuvre

i first served this at a christmas party back in 1979. it's quick and easy and is delicious! originally clipped from a magazine.

Crusty crab

quick, easy and versatile. serve it with crusty bread as an appetizer, serve it on a bed of lettuce with crusty bread for a summer meal or serve it on crusty bread with leafy green lettuce.

Crab spread delicious

awesome spread/dip for guests!

Crab crostini

from the cortina inn and resort, killington, vt. a very rich and elegant appetizer.

Crab imperial

one of my favorite dishes to enjoy any time i have the opportunity to travel to the tidewater area of maryland.

Crab cakes low carb

this is absolutely fab!! recipe courtesy george stella

Crab ball

serve this with party bread slices or pita breads cut into wedges.

Crab burgers

this recipe by rob rainford is super easy - it is made with canned crab meat and uses products found in most pantries. please note that the refrigeration time is included in the cooking time.

Crabmeat au gratin

i got this recipe from a friend in my recipe club. it was such a hit with my family that i served it for company with rave reviews. my usually finicky son could not get enough of it. everyone wanted the...

Crab butter

this is a quick and easy spread. make up to 2 days before needed. i got this recipe from my sister. where she found it, i don't know. i make this recipe for parties, family gatherings, and picnics.

Creamy crab cakes

this is a lighter and creamier version. they are soft and need at least an hour chilling time before pan frying.

Crab balls

i got this recipe years ago from the hostess. easy to make, great to pass around

Crabby jacks

crabby, cheesy, hot and delicious. this is an easy and yummy appetizer we use at holiday time, but i'm not sure why we only have them then. great recipe you can throw together with pantry items, although...

Crab stuffed fish fillets

this truly is so tasty and impresses everyone who has had it. i chop everything and then it comes together easily. i am not sure where i even got this recipe it has been so long. i have used haddock, cod,...

Crab tampico

this is a popular and much requested dish at a reputable local restaurant in tampico, mexico.

Crab cioppino

delicious crab cioppino, make sure you have some french bread to dip into the soup. serve with a nice green salsd and a good bottle of wine. the recipe comes from a tv station and sierra vista vineyards....

Crab hash

serve this as a satisfying main dish for lunch, brunch or even a hearty breakfast.


a quick and simple stir fry using cabbage and imitation crab meat.

Crab crepes

crab crepes from an

Crab spaghetti

fast, fishy and fabulous, this easy to cook supper is an absolute delight.

Crabmeat frittata with tomatoes and herbs

here's a delightful open-faced omelet -- perfect for brunch -- that uses fresh crabmeat as its star ingredient!

Crab dip

horseradish makes this crab dip zing! when i make this, it is a given that my husband is going to burn the roof of his mouth off because he can't wait for it to cool "a little" before diving into it.

Cream cheese and crab sushi rolls

delicious, healthy and surprisingly simple to make. sushi is expensive to buy at the supermarket, so making your own will save you tons of money. my husband is a sushi freak! i make this for him all the...

Crustless crab quiche

i just threw this together and it was delicious! i made it in a muffin tray for individual servings. i am sure it would be just great in a pie dish also.

Crab aroni salad

this is an awesome pasta salad! the only pasta salad my husband ever requests. the original recipe was a shrimp salad, but i like crab better. when i double the recipe i sometimes use half crab and half...

Crab backs

i love seafood, and this recipe from trinidad is tasty and very more-ish.

Easy crab cheese bread appetizers

this is sooo simple! my aunt brought these to my house and they were gone by the end of the party. i bring these to parties now because they are fast and easy!

Crab curry

a quick, easy meal with lots of flavor. was served this at a friend's house when we were a guest there. feel free to increase the curry powder if you like it hotter. this is very mild curry. you can also...

Crab stuffed mini puffs

great for appetizers or dinner parties

Crab dabs

another great appetizer that combines the flavor of crab & bacon. yum prep time includes the 30 minute chill time

Creamy crab and pea pasta

quick and easy to prepare and very tasty.

Crab savannah

a good friend of mine once said that there was nothing like food in georgia. boy was he right! this dish was served to me at a very informal "formal" dinner party. the informality was that we all just...

Creamy crab dip

this is some yummy dip! great if you are craving that crab flavor, but can't afford to go running to red lobster for help :)

Cream and seafood sauce

i copied this recipe years ago out of a cookbook a friend received for christmas. it has been one of my favorite pasta recipes ever since. i can't stand mushrooms, so i never use them. i also use lobster...

Crab stew

i live on an island in florida and have a lot of fresh crabmeat in the summer. this is one of my families favorite soups. its creamy and spicy and definitely not low calorie. i have never tried it but...

Crab rangoon wonton cups

easier and less messy than the traditional kind, also lower in fat. this recipe only makes 12 appetizers, but can be doubled easily. this is an inn recipe i found on the web.

Dungeness mushroom chowder

who doesn't love a warm chowder on a cold day! adapted from and sunset magazine.

Crab spread or dip

there are thousands of recipes for crab spreads, but this recipe is for people like me that can't eat hot stuff. you can use real lump crabmeat, which will be even better. the directions do not reflect...

Crab meat canapes

a wonderful easy party dish

Crab cheese ball

this is a favorite over the holidays and i make it for all the parties we go to. it's easy to make and tastes great.

Crab pizza

stoke up the fire and serve this pizza with salad and a nice bottle of white wine. romance abounds!

Confetti crab salad

this great little recipe was found in debbie macomber's cedar cove cookbook, 2009.

Easy baked crab dip

you can also make this using cooked shrimp in place of crab and also imitation crab can be use for this, but the real crab is of coarse much better! this dip is best served with ritz crackers. your guests...

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