Ella mae's creamy sure fudge

i like this recipe because it is easy to prepare, no-fail recipe. this was given to me by a friend many years ago, and i would like to pass it on to others. it is a chocolate confection that candy lovers...

Cream fudge sucre a la creme canadien

this is traditional french canadian fudge recipe. i make it every xmas and easter. if i made it regularly, i would be the size of a house.

Danish fudge

i received this recipe from my son's boy scout leader. it is a nice change from the standard fudge. i get many rave's at christmas time. it is very easy to make. this is my son's job at christmas time....

Coconut snow fudge

this is a wonderful fudge recipe!

Dutch fudge

i found this on a dutch cooking site, but written in english. i could have translated it, but getting it in english is much easier, especially for someone as lazy as i tend to be. it's good. in the...

Classic fudge

easy to make fudge. i got the recipe out of the newspaper. time does not include cooling time.

Sugar free fudge

my father has a sweet tooth and recently developed diabetes. a friend shared this easy recipe.

Opera fudge

xreamy white with bits of cherry very old fudge recipe from darlene kossman.

Chocolate mint fudge

i'm a bit of a sweets addict and this is one of my favorite recipes for fudge.

Old fashioned chocolate fudge

posted by request. a creamy, smooth "old fashioned" cooked chocolate fudge candy. cooking time is approximate. times do not include cooling time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- note:...

Easy as microwave chocolate fudge

yummo!! 3 minutes in the microwave is all you need for this one.

Cookies n creme fudge

eagle brand recipe

Pistachio fudge

creamy, nutty fudge with a light green color is perfect for holiday occasions. melting the white chocolate in the microwave is the only cooking needed.

Chocolate peanut butter fudge

this is my favorite fudge recipe. it's not as sugary sweet as most fudges i've tried - the peanut butter is not an overpowering flavor, but just enough to give it a richness. you can use either smooth...

Eagle brand festive fudge

a holiday must-have! great to place on the dessert table, or give to family and friends as chocolatey gifts.

Sugar free peanut butter fudge

i have not tried this recipe. i'm posting this recipe for safe keeping. i got this recipe from obesity help. this recipe was posted by mikala w.

Mackinac fudge

i got this recipe while on vacation in mackinaw city, mi. cooking time includes time required for chilling.

Chocolate truffles vegan

these truffles are so delicious, super easy to make, and way better for you than regular truffles because there is zero cream in the recipe, which makes them vegan! my friends have nick-named them "good...

Low carb chocolate peanut butter fudge

allow enough chilling time for this decadent treat to chill before cutting.

Chocolate peanut butter marsh fudge

great recipe, no bake! 8)

Sugar free holiday fudge

a rich, delicious, creamy fudge with no pudge!!

Chocolate fudge

an easy candy recipe, requiring no thermometer.

Dummy fudge

paula deen - food network

Hershey's chocolate cherry fudge

source: hershey's website

Foolproof dark chocolate fudge

with variations....my mother in law always sends us various flavors of fudge for christmas. the package can get prety expensive so she gave me the recipes so i could make them myself.

Cracker fudge

you read it right! made with saltine crackers! e a s y!! tastes wonderful!!

Classic fantasy fudge

this is the tried and true kraft recipe that i have used for years.

Sour cream pralines

i found this over at allrecipes. i am just learning how to make candies and this turned out wonderful! it was so smooth and melt in your mouth. very sweet! i've learnt patience is key - the end result...

Chocolate pistachio fudge

this recipe is from super food ideas magazine, i haven't made this recipe yet. however, i'm planning on making this to go in my christmas hampers to my friends. cooking time is chilling time

3 ingredient cathedral windows

these are super simple to make & the kids love them - i know i did when i was young. its a lot like fudge, but you get bright colors from the mini marshmallows. got this recipe from a coworker of my...

Easy cocoa fudge

very easy, with hardly no cooking involved using powdered coco instead of chocolate chips.

Chocolate cream cheese low carb fudge

a rich and creamy low carb chocolate fudge; great for special occassions or just whenever the sweet tooth calls


copycat, with a twist or two, from carnations "easy 5 minute fudge" recipe that's on the back of the evaporated milk label. this is very soft at room temperature and needs to be kept in the fridge.

Easy caramel fudge

i got this recipe from a friend at work. it's so quick and easy, my 7 year old made it! it also tastes delicious! :)

Delicious peanut butter fudge

surprise your special someone with this fudge, if they love peanut butter fudge! my husband declared that this fudge is better than cracker barrel sells! that made both of us happy! i was thrilled it...

Texas fudge

the guys in our family love this appetizer and always request it when it is football season. it is so easy and takes no time to prepare.

Strawberry fudge

a nice change of pace from the traditional chocolate variety.

Chocolate espresso pour icing

this cake icing is perfect for a 9x13 inch cake left in the pan. it is rich with chocolate flavor and married with one of chocolate's natural partners, espresso. i added instant espresso powder to the...

Marvelous mocha fudge

another recipe to save for the cooler months...

Famous fudge

homemade fudge made at mary's kitchen

Double layer mint fudge

from a pillsbury holidays magazine.

Cranberry christmas fudge

this is a nice cranberry fudge, but specialized for christmas.

Easy chocolate fudge

this is a delicious fudge to make and a very simple way to make it - the recipe is from kraft.

Fantasy fudge

my brother's recipe -- he adopted it from the marshmallow creme jar and always makes it for family reunions! time to make includes cooling time of 4 hours; this does not really take long to make, just...

Spoon fudge

this is a very soft fudge that mom made when we were young. rather than "pieces" of fudge, we got "spoonfuls". it's rich and chocolate-y, very candy-like.

Chocolate mint candy fudge

i love this recipe because it is so easy to make and yet it always gets 'oohs' when people see the candies and 'aahs' when they taste them! i've gotten several z-mails asking about the candy coating....

Perfect divinity

this delicious recipe came from my sis in law and turns out perfectly every time and is soo easy to make! i get many requests for this recipe.