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Top recipes for "Mixer"

Old aiken pound cake

my mother's favorite cake to make for friends and neighbors....and she must have made at least 200+ in her lifetime! the mace gives it a little different flavor from most pound cakes, but that's the flavor...

Darn good mashed taters

this recipe was featured in an email this morning from the website. submitted by barcogifts - "i love making my mashed potatoes for company. they always tell me they are the best...

Double dunk chocolate coconut cupcakes

moist cake is dunked in a syrupy frosting. then, it takes a roll through crisp, toasted coconut for a layer of crunch. from "retro desserts". prep times are guesstimates because i didn't time myself.

Ding dong mousse

a positively lethal recipe from hostess to satisfy any sweet tooth. i used cool whip for the "whipped cream" and a 4.37 oz box of chocolate caramel chip jell-o instant pudding. other flavors of pudding...

Marshmallow whip

use this recipe to make marshmallow treats aka peeps from martha stewart living.

Easier stabilized whipped cream

this is much easier than the usual unflavored gelatin method. as for the leftover pudding mix, i use it in smoothies, milk shakes, fruit salads, more whipped cream, etc. it never goes to waste!you can...

Creole bread

posted for zwt5. feel free to sub the oil with what you prefer and make your own coconut milk using the kitchen references at rz. guessing at slices. this recipe seems to have a lot of oil in it and...

Creme caramel

egg custards are quite simple to prepare, provided you follow the recipe directions! avoid using excessive heat which will ruin the texture, stir the mixture constantly when cooking over direct heat &...


this came from the little cookbook, that i got with my kitchenaid. it is the first thing i made with the kitchenaid, because these were the ingredients i had on hand.

Coffee meringues

elegant little after-dinner treats, delicately flavored with coffee and dipped in chocolate. low carb and low fat, perfect snacks in moderation for diabetics. three or four of these only amounts to 12-16...

Cocoa meringues

yummy lowfat chocolaty treats.

Colourful minced mutton rangeela kheema

this week's winning recipe from the thursday magazine is here! this was submitted by sana shafi wagle.

Crunchy parsley pesto

that's the way my mom does it. yummy!

Decorating icing

the powdered egg whites act as a stabilizer and allows the icing to harden. make certain to purchase only powdered egg whites, powdered egg whites are available in the baking section of most major super...

Custard with kiwi

a simple summer dessert. recipe source: shopper's magazine

Self saucing citrus pudding

recipe from australian delicious.

Citrus muffins

a recipe from the issue of april 2007 of coup de pouce. these muffins have no eggs and no nuts.

Monte carlos coconut

these are sandwich cookies, filled with a double filling of raspberry preserves and white frosting. i'd never had these before, so i don't have anything to compare these to. but these are delicious!...

Cry baby molasses cookies

again another one of my grandma clark's recipes our family loves. it is at almost every family gathering. i have used 'store bought' icing before and it works ok but i prefer to make my own powdered...

Dutch honey bread

adapted from breads of the world. posted for zwt6. best if made one day in advance.

Creamy fruit dip

this is a fantastic tasting thick fruit dip that is enjoyed by everyone i know! i got it from my mom and have no idea where she got it from. warning: this dip is very addicting!! (don't say i didn't...

Coffee mocha icing

makes a great topper for brownies, or double the recipe for a larger cake. if you like a really strong coffee flavor add in 1/2 teaspoon instant coffee granules to the already brewed hot coffee, then stir...

Creamy rice and parmesan spoon bake

this makes a great side dish. make certain to bring the cooked rice mixture down to room temperature before adding in the beaten egg whites, and use only cold cooked rice, this is a great recipe to use...

Caribbean smoothie

this is a very smooth drink and best served chilled. beware it can sneak up on you. it would be lovely served in hollowed out papaya skins or hollowed out green coconuts with a toothpick or a parasol...

Devonshire chocolate sponge

this unusual cake has been a big hit with our guests here at 'avalon'. it's not a large cake but it's rich and moist and the topping/filling is bittersweet. a chocolate cake more suited to adult taste...

Green chile chicken tamales

i've actually had people bring me the ingredients for this recipe so that i would make them a batch. it's time consuming but oh so worth the wait. even my 1 1/2 year old son loves them.

Easy cherry or blueberry cream pie no bake

you can really use any flavor of pie filling you desire to top this pie, it takes minutes to put together and it's delicious --- plan ahead this needs to chill for a couple of hours before serving.

Dark chocolate cookies

easy, yummy, and chocolatey!

Cornflake chocolate chip cookies

this is a recipe i've had around on a piece of paper and want to get it posted before i lose it. update: just made these today and i got 26 cookies using a 1 1/2" cookie scoop. baked for 11 minutes.

Delicious vinaigrette

this recipe was was developed over many hundreds of trials and is delicious. perhaps the worst thing about this recipe is that the salt content is very high, but it is just too perfect to leave out.

Chocolate chocolate chip muffins

the absolute muffin for the absolute chocolate lover.

Dark chocolate pear pistachio cake

this was proclaimed the best cake ever by my family at our thanksgiving meal. it's from technicolor kitchen.

Cranberry and almond biscotti with white chocolate drizzle

a perfect holiday cookie! you can substitute dried cherries for the cranberries, use a good quality white chocolate for this, i use lindt or baker's. these can be made up to 1 week ahead, or freeze in...

Chocolate peanut butter marble cake

this is a cake recipe that i found on and thought it was worth sharing. i made it a few weeks ago for my cousins birthday and decorated it as spongebob squarepants! it was awesome! everyone...

Chocolate velvet pie

this is the recipe from the back of the bag of nestle toll house milk chocolate morsels and it is truly delicious! i wanted to post it here for safekeeping. cooking time is an estimated refrigeration...

Donut birthday cake

this is great for kids although it is my married son paul and his wife wendy that request this for their birthdays instead of a traditional birthday cake.


i love this, though i will admit that for some it is an acquired taste. i like to top mine with lingon berry sauce, whole cranberry relish would do. it is pronounced 'rootmoose' or 'rut-muss' depending...

Chocolate wows

cookies from 3 kinds of chocolate and pecans and a dollar store cookbook to boot!! these are good to say the least....

Dump cookies

i found this on another site, but nothing was said about the "dump" factor. they are quite tasty, and are easy to make.baking times will vary from oven to oven.

Autumn maple cutout cookies

a cooking light recipe contest category finalist in desserts. by tracy schuhmacher (march 2007). allow time for the dough to chill.

Cornflake crunchies

i got this recipe straight off of a box of cornflakes. it is really good and easy to make. great for those bake sales. cook time is per cookie sheet. for a larger cookie you will yield around 24 crunchies...

Cranberry apple butter bars

i found this recipe in the pillsbury fall baking booklet that i found in the checkout aisle of the grocery store. the pictures in this booklet are absolutely amazing! one medium orange will provide enough...

Crusty cheese and herb pull apart bread

this makes such a yummy loaf - adapted from a recipe in a magazine. prep time does not include rising time.

Cold strawberry jalapeno soup

one of my favorite things in the summer. it's like a meal and dessert in one. the combination of jalapeno peppers and fruit isn't for everyone, but if you're the adventurous type, then this might just...

Couscous date cake

a recipe from ricardo & friends.

Croque monsieur puffs

my latest crush is this new incarnation of gourgeres, or cheese puffs. these were inspired by the classic french ham-and-cheese sandwich, croque monsieur. if you're serving only one thing with cocktails...

Cherry mousse

this is a quick and easy way to enjoy fresh cherries when in season. recipe is from a local magazine, sabrossa, which is a southwest dining guide.

Dutch puffed apple pancake

i've not made this but it sounds to good not to post.

Ginger crunch

this is so simple to make! if you like ginger, you'll love this. think crunchy biscuit base, smothered with ginger flavoured icing topped with crystallised ginger. it's from an old australia & new zealand...

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