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Top recipes for "Potatoes"

Sweet potatoes with mushrooms onion and thyme

roasting the potatoes with the onion accentuates the natural sweetness of both..with the earthy taste of mushrooms you have a real winner!


national antiguan dish (caribbean)

Cranberry mashed sweet potatoes

yummy side dish for any season. i tend to eat sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes all year around. good side for the holidays too!

Creamy dill potatoes

a creamy, tasty potato dish that can be made ahead and baked when ready to serve. recipe found on the web.

Darn good mashed taters

this recipe was featured in an email this morning from the website. submitted by barcogifts - "i love making my mashed potatoes for company. they always tell me they are the best...

Country taters

these taters are browned till crispy--j ust the way i love them.


this is the first indian dish i ever made and it was perfect! the spices gave it the perfect flavor and it wasn't too hot. i served it over basmati rice, but i'm sure it would also be good with naan...

Crumbed chicken with potato wedges

from australian bh&g diabetic living.

Colcannon mash with blue cheese

ah! the irish potato pops up again and this recipe teams it up with wonderfully creamy blue cheese.

C o r n hash

i had some leftovers that i needed to do something with or throw them away. so this is what i came up with.if you try this i hope you enjoy it. please feel free to use the veggies that you and your family...

Crispy shrimp bundles with a smokey dipping sauce

ready, set, cook! special edition contest entry: enjoy these festive shrimp bundles wrapped in crispy potatoes served with a smokey, chunky remoulade sauce. this can be easily doubled for a meal.


traditional dip/sauce either served with bread or with fried/grilled fish or souvlaki. it is very garlicy so you could reduce the amount of garlic to suit. from

Cream of chicken potato bake

this is for all you cream soup lovers like me. easy, no fuss and great with ham, pork chops or fried chicken. enjoy!

Colourful potato pie

the bacon adds flavour to these potatoes.

Classic creamy potato salad

this is a recipe i have used for over 30 years. any family potluck dinner we have, i am always on potato salad duty. i bring a double batch of this old favourite. it always goes fast and i have given out...

Cream of potato soup

warm up on those chilly winter days! this makes great leftovers.

Dhaba style aloo paratha

aloo paratha is one of the most popular breakfast dishes throughout western, central and northern regions of india. aloo-stuffed parathas consist of unleavened dough stuffed with a spiced mixture of mashed...

Clean up pulled pork

needed to use up the pork and looked in the pantry. suprise it was pretty good.

Cornish pasties

we could buy these at a local bakery where i was growing up. i loved them and would often detour by the bakery after school to get one.

Cholent d or

this cholent is a very special veggie cholent that i have spent the past 9 months or so trying to perfect. cholent was always something that i looked forward to having, but when i went vegetarian, i found...

No meat stew

this is a great recipe. you can make it as is for a side dish or it's good enough to be a stand-alone meal, just increase the ingredients and add some bread or rice to compliment it. you can add your...

Curried mustard slow cooker beef roast

this recipe makes a very tender, flavourful roast and the leftovers are great for a roast beef sandwich. i found that the roast was ready to carve after 8 hours but use your own judgment as all crock...

Di san xian

i'm finally able to cook this fabulous beijing dish at home! if you worry about those calories, feel free to use less oil, although the potatoes should be covered by it...

Creamy onion garlic mashed potatoes

rich mashed potatoes, delicately seasoned with aromatic garlic and onion. based on a recipe from sunset magazine.

Creamy potato and bacon soup

quite simple, not alot of work involved. produces a wonderful soup full of flavour! i made this recipe a few weeks ago on a very cold day. as for preperation of the bacon, you can choose to cook it in...

Creamy new potato salad

my family is not fond of traditional potato salad, or what they call "yellow potato salad", so i concocted this out of several different recipes. it is now requested at every gathering and i always have...

Crock pot potato kielbasa casserole dinner

easy and filling. i use reduced-fat versions of the products, but if you want to use regular, go for it.

Downeast fish chowder

just lovely served with pilot crackers or hardtack (recipe #143900). from the the new england chapter of the us regional cookbook, chicago culinary arts institute, 1947

Dairy free potato leek soup

i love leeks, and leek soup, and wanted to introduce my significant other to the dish. but he is definitely a meat and potatoes sort of guy, so i compiled this version of the dish for him. remove the...

Brazilian chicken curry

picked up this recipe from womansday. the perfect mix of curry chicken and fresh vegetables made easy in your sow cooker. we made this and it tasted great the day we made it and absolutely amazing the...

Curried kumera

another alison holst recipe which i'm posting for zwt. i haven't made this yet, but i intend to make it very soon.

Cream of asparagus soup

this soup is wonderful served hot or cold. half & half or milk may be substituted for the cream if fat content is a concern, although it won't taste quite as good.

Do ahead fries

these fries are precooked early in the day and finished when you're ready to serve. you'll be surprised how crisp and golden they cook up!! you can also put them on a cookie sheet after the first frying...


my husband and i tried this at the animal kingdom lodge at disney world, which is an absolutely marvelous buffet of african food. we loved it. i tried to get the waiter to sneak me the recipe to no avail....

Devonshire stew

posted for zwt6


my friend rachel was visiting from israel last week and made a delicious pashtida for us. unfortunately, she left before i could get her recipe, though i will try to track it down. while looking for...

Potato and plantain curry

this is a medium to spicy green vegetarian curry. you can adjust spice by adding or subtracting chillies to puree. goes well with rice and naan.

Cream cheese corn and potato soup

always trying to put together recipes that my meat-loving and my vegetarian students will both like. i was quickly making some cornbread that needed creamed corn. by the time it was in the oven and i was...

Creamy cheddar potatoes

this stove-top potato side dish will soon be a family favorite!

Creamy beef and potato bake

this is another tasty recipe that i got off of one of the ontario milk calendars. it is similar in composition to moussaka - a meat layer, a vegetable layer and a creamy sauce, all baked together to make...

Curried pumpkin soup

this recipe came from 'joan bishops's new zealand crockpot and slow cooker cookbook'. it is very easy and not as high in fat as some pumpkin soups, but doesn't lose any of that great flavour. the author...

Crock pot pork with sauerkraut apple potato

i searched zaar and could not find a recipe with this combination of ingredients. it isn't a pretty recipe but it sure tastes good. use any cut of pork. the recipe doubles easily. i like to serve it...

Cuban pork stew

simple crock pot dinner.


found this in a sort of promotion for st. patrick's day and it was actually really good. they turn out quite well if you fry them quickly and pop them in the oven.

Durango potato casserole

for those who like it spicy, it’s easy to turn up the heat on these potatoes by adding more chili powder or jalapenos for extra kick. o.k. although this looks tasty, it also sounds like a lot of trouble!...

Crock pot scalloped potatoes with am

when we make this, we try to have leftover ham dices. we have also used deli ham, sliced into small pieces. spam can also be used, cut into dices. the family enjoys this meal at the end of a cool day...

Easy au gratin s

yummy, smooth, good!!

Creamy stovetop mac and cheese

here's our family favorite simple macaroni and cheese! yummy creamy goodness and an easy one pan dish made quick and simple on the stovetop; score! almost identical to the recipe on the velveeta box. we...

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