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Oh So Easy Caramel Sauce

This is a rich, sweet caramel sauce that can be made at the last minute that is great on bread pudding, gingerbread, apple pie, chopped apples, ice cream, and anything else you want to put it on.


Whipped Cream

How to make basic whipped cream. For best results make sure whisk and bowl are ice cold.

Author: Paula

Fresh Raspberry Sauce

This stuff is so beautiful and delicious, you and your Valentine may not even need the cake. This will absolutely work even if you use frozen raspberries, but nothing compares to the flavor of the sauce...

Author: Chef John

Creme Anglaise I

Spice with ground cinnamon or cloves, if desired.

Author: sal

Chocolate Syrup

This is my step-mom's syrup recipe, and everyone says it's better than Hershey's! Great on ice cream, in chocolate milk, or drizzled on warm brownies.

Author: Zen K.

How to Make Dulce de Leche

This is basically sweet, caramelized milk. It's so easy and so delicious. I like it better than caramel sauce on anything you'd use caramel sauce, such as on ice cream, toast, cookies, cakes, brownies,...

Author: Chef John

Easy Homemade Chocolate Sauce

If you are a regular buyer of store-bought chocolate sauce, and didn't realize how easy it is to make your own at home, then I hope you give this recipe a try. Enjoy!

Author: Chef John

Creme Fraiche

This is very much like sour cream yet it is softer and has a little more tang. Use it to garnish anything from pies to soup. Try whipping it with a little bit of sugar for tangy whipped cream!


Supreme Strawberry Topping

Awesome restaurant-style strawberry topping. Serve cold over cheesecake or ice cream.

Author: Brad G Reynolds

Skor® Creamy Caramel Dip

This quick and easy recipe can be made in advance and is sure to be a hit. My sister made it for a dinner party and it did not last too long!!

Author: karla

Rum Sauce

This is a great Rum Sauce for Bread Pudding. I used the extra over vanilla ice cream- YUMMM...

Author: KDA949

Pecan Caramel Sauce

Yummy and easy caramel pecan sauce. Serve over ice cream, apples, or pumpkin cake.

Author: Brenda F.

Best Hot Fudge Sauce

A friend of my mother-in-law shared this easy recipe with me years and years ago.

Author: Carla A.

Creme Anglaise II

This creme anglaise is delicious especially when you use the vanilla bean to flavor. You can also use flavored liqueur to change the taste.

Author: MESHEL

Lemon Sauce I

Wonderful dessert sauce. Serve with gingerbread or cake.

Author: GINGER P

Stabilized Whipped Cream Icing

This cream holds up longer on pies because it doesn't separate. Gelatin stiffens whipped cream and makes the texture seem fuller and slightly spongy. May be used to top a pie or frost a cake.


Raspberry Sauce

I've made raspberry sauce so many ways and this is my favorite. Thanks to MSG Mark Morgan.

Author: The_Tattooed_Chef

Easy Devonshire Cream

A wonderful topping for scones, or use as a dip for fruit.

Author: STARP

Salted Caramel Sauce

It may be blasphemy to say that hot fudge isn't the ultimate warm ice cream topping, but after tasting this amazing salted caramel sauce, that's exactly what I'm suggesting.

Author: Chef John

Chocolate Sauce

Just cocoa, sugar, water and vanilla in this quick chocolate sauce.

Author: sal

Sue's Hot Fudge Sauce

Decadent thick and delicious hot fudge sauce. Simple to make and so much better than store-bought!

Author: Lisa Kreft

Creme Anglaise Sauce

Rich and creamy creme Anglaise is perfect drizzled over fresh fruit, pound cake, or other desserts.

Author: Chef John

Mixed Berry Sauce

Very quick and simple mixed berry sauce. Tastes lovely on most citrus or white cakes, along with waffles, crepes, and griddle cakes.

Author: Misoweeby

Cinnamon Apple Syrup

Apples simmered with sugar and cinnamon.. makes a great sundae topping over vanilla ice cream, or as a pancake topping! Adjust cinnamon and sugar to taste.

Author: Lauren

Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce

This is an easy and yummy salted caramel sauce. Perfect for topping any dessert.

Author: dawnbahrenfuss

Caramel Apple Dip

Sinfully delicious! Sprinkle with nuts and use as a dip for your favorite apples!

Author: Lori

Vanilla Cream or Sauce

This is really delicious on its own, but I use it mainly to serve alongside brownies, bread pudding, apple pie, berries, or poached pears. You can either make this as a thicker cream or as a sauce. I love...

Author: Northstar

Easy Clotted Cream

A tasty alternative to the real thing. Heavy cream is lightly sweetened, whipped until stiff, and mixed with a little sour cream for flavor. Serve with scones or fruit.

Author: Hunter StClaire

Dulce de Leche con Leche Condensada

Also simply known as caramel, dulce de leche is loved throughout Latin America. Use this easy dulce de leche to make your favorite treats - from banoffee pie to millionaire's shortbread.

Author: Fioa

Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce

A simple recipe that tastes great as a topping on vanilla ice cream or pancakes.

Author: Shalaine_1

Peach Sauce

Make this up in advance for sourdough pancakes. I used Celestial Seasonings® tea. Substitute water for tea if you don't have it on hand. Chopped pecans might taste good in this, as well as brandy instead...

Author: gololly

Vanilla Sauce

This is a great sauce to serve over gingerbread! It has been my favorite dessert since I was a child!

Author: Diane Lloyd

Simple Strawberry Sauce

This simple tasty strawberry sauce requires no cooking and is great for summer!

Author: bluegirl

Blueberry Compote

This blueberry compote goes beautifully in the morning on hot pancakes.

Author: alisadiomin

Mixed Berry Compote

A sweet mixed berry compote that goes perfect over ice cream or with yogurt in a parfait.

Author: Nathan Plesnicher

Fresh Strawberry Sauce

This is an excellent sauce for pies and cakes - especially cheesecakes!

Author: Chef John

Butterscotch Sauce II

The best butterscotch sauce in the world. Best served over ice cream in a puffed pastry shell!

Author: JRUFF34

Rhubarb Sauce

This sauce is a yummy use for rhubarb.

Author: Alle88

Instant Chocolate Hard Shell

Two ingredients and less than 5 minutes to a delicious chocolate candy shell for ice cream. After trying recipe after recipe that turned out either rock hard or thick gummy hard shells - I thought to read...

Author: Fervent Frugal Foodie

Toffee Sauce

This is a great sauce for ice cream topping, or for a fruit fondue. Can also be used for topping cakes, as it thickens when it cools. Serve warm over ice cream, or place in fondue pot over low heat to...


Chocolate Fudge Sauce

A yummy fudge sauce great when served warm over the Chocolate Roll.

Author: Carol

Dulce de Leche

This is a typical sweet from Argentina. You can eat it alone, use it to fill cakes, or serve over bananas, ice-cream or any other dessert!


Brandy Butter (Hard Sauce)

This is a traditional sauce to be served with Plum Pudding. Yummy served later on hot raisin toast.

Author: Emma

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Topping

For peanut butter lovers!

Author: MsRonnie7

Homemade Nutella® (Chocolate Hazelnut Spread)

We were able to purchase fresh hazelnuts while in Portland last fall. This is one of the many ways to enjoy them. Hoping for a 'healthier' version of the store-bought variety, dark chocolate is used here...

Author: grampnana

Apple and Raisin Sauce

Great filling for turnovers, or a topping for funnel cake or pork!

Author: John Roberts

Manjar (Dulce de Leche) from Scratch

This is one hundred percent Chilean. It is a sort of caramel that can be found everywhere in Chile. Actually, most pastrymaking in my country has manjar in it. The truth is that one can eat manjar anytime...

Author: Makka

Lemon Butter

Serve this thick and creamy, lemon-flavored butter warm over gingerbread or blueberry muffins. You can also top ice cream with it! This recipe will also work with margarine instead of butter.

Author: dramstad

Whipped Cream Zabaglione

This zabaglione is different because it incorporates cream. I have viewed other recipes and this varies a lot. Serve chilled with fresh fruit of your choice. To make sure zabaglione is the right consistency,...

Author: janmaio

Plum Pudding Sauce

If you don't like plain plum pudding, top it with this!

Author: LIZZY513