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Hamburger Soup

You can add whatever veggies you want to this hearty, easy hamburger soup recipe: zucchini, green beans, corn, and even mushrooms.

Best ever Brussels sprouts

Celebrate the humble sprout with this insanely delicious recipe. Crisp cubes of apple provide beautiful sweetness, while sausage - and Worcestershire sauce (my secret ingredient) - gives a contrasting...

Author: Jamie Oliver

6 hour slow roasted pork shoulder

This next-level Sunday roast is well worth the wait - just try to resist that perfect crackling.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Beautiful veggie moussaka

I've taken the traditional Greek recipe, usually made with lamb, and transformed it into a veggie delight for the lovely Amanda Holden - this dish is one of her favourite foodie memories from her childhood...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington celebrates the luxurious and very tender fillet of beef and is one of those ultimate blowout dishes that hits the right spot several times in one meal. When you've made this once, you'll...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Ham & peas

I love the combination of ham and peas. Ham hocks are fantastic value, and cooking them on the bone adds loads of extra flavour. This recipe is kind of like a quicker, more modern version of boiled bacon...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

This easy Chicken Tortilla Soup comes together right in your slow cooker. Just sprinkle on some chili powder and cumin, add an onion, bell pepper, tomato paste, and a few other ingredients, and cook!

Simple as that celeriac

All you need to make celeriac really special is a little bit of olive oil and some lovely herbs

Author: Jamie Oliver

Mark Hamill's roast sirloin & Yorkshire puddings

This supercharged roast dinner will send your taste buds out of control. I've enlisted the force of science in order to get the Yorkshire puddings bang-on. It's a precise method, but the beauty is it's...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Whole roast chicken

I cook this every week and I always try to do something different with it. Basically what I do is carefully part the skin from the meat on the top of the chicken breast and stuff the gap with fresh, delicate...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Neeps & tatties

Author: Jamie Oliver

Moroccan lamb stew

A lovely, fragrant stew with plaited lamb for extra crispiness to complement the softer meat inside.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Best ever fruit crumble

As much as I love it with apples, a pear crumble with a bit of spicy ginger makes a lovely change

Author: Jamie Oliver

Sweet glazed carrots

These beautifully glazed carrots make the perfect side to any roast dinner.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Chicken Salad

Try this easy chicken salad recipe that's great as a hearty lunch or quick weeknight dinner. Serve it with a side of kettle chips or a crunchy pickle!

Braised veal

Author: Andy Harris & Georgie Socratous

The ultimate carrots

I'm going to show you an easy way to to make ordinary, nice carrots even more delicious - I'm talking outrageously tasty. You'll love these as part of your festive spread.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Pork & apple sauce

Author: Jamie Oliver

Perfect pork belly

This is a beautiful basic recipe that gives you melt-in-your mouth juicy pork belly with incredible crackling - and it works every time. Carve it up for a mighty roast, or continue slow-cooking until it's...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Toad in the hole

An all-time British classic - Toad in the hole with perfect gravy makes a knockout meal.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Lemon roast potatoes

Squash a few of these crisp, golden babies on your plate and top with a lamb shank and some of the leek and wine broth. They're just as delicious with roast chicken or a whole baked fish.

Author: Anna Jones

Roast chicken with couscous

I love this simple Moroccan-style couscous dish - the sweet roast vegetables really make it sing

Author: Jamie Oliver

Perfect roast leg of lamb

A perfectly roasted leg of lamb is a beautiful thing and here I want to guide you through the preparing, roasting and resting of this incredible joint of meat that will guarantee juiciness and flavour....

Author: Jamie Oliver

Beer butt chicken

I've never seen this done in Britain, but it's a really fun and effective way to cook chicken. I'm giving you two methods, one in the barbecue and one in the oven - both will give you tasty chicken. The...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Tender and crisp chicken legs with sweet tomatoes

Knock this together in minutes, leave it to do its thing and whack it out when your guests arrive

Author: Jamie Oliver

Jools' simple chicken & veg stew

I don't really like onions in my cooking, so I always leave them out of my stews - I prefer to use leeks instead. My kids also like sweetcorn in there, which I stir in from frozen just after the casserole...

Author: Jools Oliver

Jools's favourite beef stew

This warming, gorgeously tender beef stew recipe is packed with lovely chunky root veg.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Instant Pot Lima Beans

These Southern-style beans are so good, they may just become your new favorite side!

Good old bread & butter pudding with a marmalade glaze & cinnamon & orange butter

Everyone loves a classic bread and butter pudding and the marmalade gives this one zing.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Roasted baby leeks with thyme

Baby leeks have a lovely sweet flavour and when roasted become beautifully caramelised

Author: Jamie Oliver

Humble chicken stew & dumplings

A simple delicious chicken stew done one of my favourite ways - with leftover chicken and fluffy dumplings. Enjoy!

Author: Jamie Oliver

Pork belly roast

An absolute classic - the best pork belly recipes let this wonderful cut of meat speak for itself.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Fried Eggplant

Fried eggplant is hard to resist! A light breading and quick dip in the fryer makes this summer vegetable decadently crispy and meltingly tender.

Roast chicken with mixed mushroom stuffing

Cramming the mushroomy stuffing under the skin gives this roast chicken loads of flavour

Author: Jamie Oliver

Melt in your mouth shin stew

When a shin of beef is slow cooked, magic happens - this is simple, warming and delicious

Author: Jamie Oliver

Grilled fillet steak with the creamiest white beans and leeks

This one's all about the resting juices from the fillet beef steak meeting those creamy, sweet beans

Author: Jamie Oliver

Pheasant stew with chestnut dumplings

Grouse and partridge may be the king and queen of gamebirds, but in a stew they're no match for the humble pheasant. With bacon, herbs and nice booze, pheasant is simply delicious; add a few chestnut dumplings...

Author: Peter Begg

Mash topped beef & Guinness pie

Author: Kate McCullough

Peach cobbler

The combination of hot juicy peaches in their own gorgeous syrup with soft yet crisp little scone-like dumplings is just amazing.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Bombay potato salad

This slight twist on an Indian classic uses lighter ingredients to freshen up a widely known dish. Turmeric, the most important spice in Ayurveda, gives the potatoes that familiar colour. Perfect as a...

Author: Georgina Hayden

Jamie's classic family lasagne

Invest time in the rag├╣ for this lovely lasagne and freeze the extra portions for a rainy day.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Ale barley lamb shanks

Author: Jamie Oliver

Blackberry and apple pie

The winter berries in my apple pie recipe really bring it to life, and the ginger adds lovely depth

Author: Jamie Oliver

Wine braised chicken

Juicy chicken, cooked in wine with pops of sweetness from the roasted grapes - delicious!

Author: Jamie Oliver

Roasted Broccoli

Roasted broccoli gets irresistibly crispy in the oven, and is even better with a finishing flourish of lemon and parmesan cheese.

Bowtie Pasta

Bowtie pasta is a classic for a reason! In this 30-minute recipe, pasta is flavored with Italian sausage, broccoli, a creamy sauce, and parmesan cheese.

Roasted chicken breast with pancetta, leeks and thyme

Why save a good-old roast for the weekend? This mini roast chicken for one rules any day

Author: Jamie Oliver

Vegan nut roast

Being vegan doesn't mean compromising on flavour, as this recipe proves. Tofu gives this nut roast a creaminess that makes it seem decadent. Crunchy and full of spices, everyone will be tucking in. You...

Author: Emma Goss-Custard

Bacon Brunch Ring

This brunch ring is a dream: puff pastry and bacon wrapped around soft-scrambled eggs and cheese.

Mediterranean Orzo with Shrimp

If you love orzo recipes, especially orzo pasta salads, then this Mediterranean orzo with shrimp will be great for your next summer lunch recipe, or to go along with your barbecue recipes.