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Top recipes for "Summer"

Citrus soda

refreshing lemon-lime soda. for the warmer weather of the southern us regions.

Chunky blonde brownies

my kids really love this. easy and tastes great.

Dylan tomatilla and zucchini salsa

this is not salsa verde – no, this is a light, very chunky and unique salsa that the “healthy gals” (joggers) in my neighborhood wait for each year. the first time i made it, i was looking for a...

Coconut lemonade

i just saw this in better homes and gardens magazine and thought it sounded good!

Cran rosemary grilled chicken thighs

i had a bottle of mike's hard cranberry lemonade that got opened but didn't get drunk so i got creative with this marinade. the tang of the cranberry complemented the rosemary beautifully and the sugar...

Easy clam dip

this recipe is my husbands favorite and it is very easy to make.

Creamy clouds over tranquil turquoise seas

so yummy! i came up with this because i have 2 bottles of blue curacao waiting for me to make something yummy! i tossed in a blended with a couple ingredients poured into a sugar rimmed glass then topped...

Cream puff filling

made up this filling for the profiterole recipe i posted since the creme angelaise recipe i was given contained egg yolks (which i avoid like the plague). enough to fill 1/2 recipe of my profiteroles

Cream of the crop

cream soda is a sweet carbonated soft drink that has a vanilla flavouring. its name originated in the united kingdom from "ice cream soda" as it was traditionally served with a dollop of ice cream floating...

Chocolate sin

my dh and kids say this cake is

Coconut margarita

from garduño's margarita factory

Creamy garlic red potato salad

this is a great tasty potato salad for a summer day. great with grilled steak, chicken, or fish. it is best if made early in the day if you are serving it for dinner! prep time includes minimum refrigeration...

Coconut chocolate tarts

cute little individual tarts that are decadent tasting. from donna hay's food fast cookbook

Chocolate drizzled pineapple strawberry pizza

recipe for a strawberry pizza made with strawberries, cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk,topped with sliced pineapple and drizzled in chocolate. i would take this delight over pepperoni pizza any...

Deer venison jerky

i am a hunter and i love jerky. i came up with this recipe from about 3 others that i like.

Citrus vodka

here is a great recipe that can be used in martinis, orange juice, lemonade, or straight-up! choosing a bottle with a wider neck will help in the placing of the citrus peel inside. enjoy!

Danish cherries

a sweet scandinavian recipe adapted from moosewood cookbook. enjoy!

Confetti salsa

this salsa is sooo colorful...and uses a wide variety of peppers. it is a bit sweeter than most. enjoy!

Date shake

love it. we get the best dates around where i live and this is soo easy. its also thick, creamy,and satisfying surprisingly light my own creation try using some good dates not the cheap sticky, not...

Coconut cream frozen dessert

this recipe is a perfect dessert for hot summer days.

Coconut shortcakes

the coconut provides a new twist on traditional shortcakes. serve with ice cream (vanilla or coconut) and your favorite fruit (strawberries, blueberries, or spiced peaches).


delicious! found this in a magazine at my doctors surgery, as our summer is at christmas time here in nz, its the perfect dessert.

Chorizo stew

i love chorizo and quite often whip up a stew like this for supper. it is very adaptable to whatever you happen to have around the house.

Cucumbers in sour cream for a crowd

this tangy recipe serves 40 people and can be prepared the night before.

Cream cheese strawberry pie

this pie is just so delicious - another one of my mil's delights. besides the pie shell there is no baking involved. the contrast between the cream cheese filling, strawberries and slight almond taste...

Cwazzy wabbit

what can i say, it's a fun drink. feel free to adjust the vodka volume to the level you like best.

Coconut kiss

delicious like pina colada but without alcohol. relax and enjoy!

Cocktail nuts

from farmer's almanac

Ricotta with raw honey and pears

taken from the whole foods market website and posted for zwt. "sweet and healthful, this dessert bridges the seasons between summer and autumn by combining crisp pears with italian ricotta cheese whipped...

Chinese buffet style donuts

we have all enjoyed these simple to make donuts. now you can make them at home. from (

Watermelon tomato gazpacho

a nice summertime recipe that calls for only raw ingredients and no cooking time. lovely blend of flavors with no one flavor dominating. used the blender to puree. done rapidly with no heat and would...

Jims dip

old family recipe

Coke cake

oh my the first time i tasted it. heaven!!

Cold cream of cucumber soup

this is a recipe by beth elon, who has a column every other week in our local paper. in our house it's just not friday night dinner unless there's soup, but with the weather being so hot lately, i haven't...

Cranberry barbecued ribs

an alternative to traditional barbecue sauces. unfortunately, this is a recipe i found recently, and i don't have a grill in my apartment. if anyone has times or other suggestions on converting this to...

Creamy cantaloupe pops

yummy! sounds like a good recipe for kids in the summer

Cuba libre

politics aside, a damn fine drink.

Creamy peas

this is a favorite with my family any time of the season, especially in the summer when peas are plentiful from my garden. although the recipe states to use frozen peas, you can use fresh peas also. this...

Heart healthy pizza topping

for one 12 inch pizza. from "cooking a la heart"- delicious heart healthy recipes from the mankato heart health program, 1988.

Creamy avocado and cherry tomato toast

i have just pulled my head out of the avocado sand and discovered that i really like them. so, i have been experimenting with ways to use them in my diet. this was this morning's breakfast. for some...

Rockin cheddar ranch turkey burgers

wonderfully flavorful burgers!

Pincho moruno

pincho moruno is a moorish inspired dish that has been improved (i think) by the spaniards. it can be used with lamb or pork. i suppose you could do chicken or beef also but have never tried it with...

Chocolatey gorp

this is my favorite snack to munch on! it's

Easter tartlets

this is my adopted recipe, i haven't made it yet.

Fourth of july salad

i received this recipe after having it at a 4th of july party. hence the name for this different 7 layer salad. this is a great tasting and looking salad. when i make this salad for just us, i keep...

Grilled salmon with baby bok chop

recipe source: bon appetit (june, 2007)

Crabby avocado salad

this is from a south beach cookbook, but i like it with imitation crabmeat a lot better. the original recipe also calls for the jarred roasted red peppers but i find i don't really miss it if i don't...

Cowboy marinade

here is a good marinade; good for beef steaks or pork chops.

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