Disaronno french toast

i have recently discovered the joys of disaronno. a trip to the disaronno website has introduced me to many lovely and delicious recipes. serve with disaronno butter & disaronno maple syrup

Chocolate kiev

oh my! oh my! oh my! i saw this posted on slashfood and had to try it immediately, even though it still feels like summer here. who cares what the weather is like outside, this will make you so mellow...

Chinese pork soup

i found a basic chinese soup recipe on the internet and made a couple of modifications. the soup came out great, so i decided to post this one.

Creamy chicken in rice

this recipe was one of the 'usuals' at my house when i was little- even so, we never got tired of it! it is a super easy recipe, and you can play around with it: for the soup, you can either use two cans...

Dahi bada

this is actually a traditional indian (hyderabad) recipe eaten as a snack or at high tea. we make these dahi badas especially during iftaar in ramadan. this is my mom's recipe, it has a hyderabadi touch!...

Cranberry walnut pancakes

a specialty recipe from the 1774 inn in phippsburg, maine. i usually prefer waffles to pancakes, but these look so good i had to post the recipe here for safekeeping.

Chinese buffet style donuts

we have all enjoyed these simple to make donuts. now you can make them at home. from copykat.com (http://www.copykat.com)

Crabapple juice

this is a great replacement for cranberry juice. i use it in punches and to de-sweeten commerical juice. my mom has a great dark red crabapple tree in her yard so i always have an abundant supply.

Cider toddy

you can try this to help stave off a cold or to make yourself feel better if you already have one. that may or may not be an old wives’ tales but the toddy certainly tastes good!

Cake mix christmas cookies

this is quick and easy! chilling makes handling these easier. option for a lemon glazed cookie--all you have to do is in place of the water use the frozen lemon concentrate for a real tart cookie and/or...

Creamy potato soup with onion

this vegan potato soup is plain, but plain yummy, too. :)

Savory sausage and sweet potato stew

this stew really warms the soul. i cannot wait until winter comes so that i can have a pot of this simmering on the stove. delicious served with corn bread or corn muffins

Rosca de reyes three kings cake

the day of kings (el dia de tres reyes), or epiphany, is celebrated on january 6 to commemorate the day the magi arrived bearing gifts for the infant jesus. the day of the kings is observed by latin cultures...

Ginger pork

very good pork recipe. given to me by a friend at work. you will want to make this often.

Maggie's minestrone soup

this is absolutely delicious on a cold winter day & one of my favourite soups! (sometimes i add some baby spinach leaves during the last 5 minutes).i'm enjoying a mug-full as i type this.

Chunky blonde brownies

my kids really love this. easy and tastes great.

Citrus and herb roast turkey breast

a little different from most roast turkey recipes -- a great recipe for any special occasion. if you don't have reisling wine, any good white wine can be used.

Crock pot chicken and potato chowder

a delicious, creamy and easy dish i came up with when i felt like something warm and comforting. this is a very nice dish to come home too.

Coffee nut scones

this is a really tasty recipe with the hazelnuts and coffee. my dh just loves it. can't keep enough of them around! great for breakfast, snacks, having with coffee, and packing in lunches! :)

Golden chicken bouillon russian

serve with piroshki or old-fashioned chicken pie.

Christmas mincemeat and oat squares slices

a great and easy alternative to mince pies and these are healthy too! i always make a batch or 2 or 3 or 4 of traditional mince pies (!!) at christmas time, but these are always requested by my family...

Clay pot chicken

a delicious spicy chicken with a delicate hint of coconut. the tomato and coriander really make this dish! and it's really simple to make and easy to prepare ahead of time!

Shrimp appy

great dinner party or holiday appy, they will go quickly!!

Quick and easy applesauce cake

very tasty and easy! i use the individual containers of applesause my family leaves in the frig to make this cake. i have used different favored applecauses too.

Duchess soup

my sister got this recipe years ago when she took a cooking class. it is fit to serve to a duchess! it is delicious!

Curry devil

chilli lovers will die for this dish! it is a very traditional singaporean dish. traditionally, it is called devil cos it is so so so hot and spicy. i am warning ya...spicy...try it if you dare. sue l,...

Christmas chili

from u of alabama's

Cocktail nuts

from farmer's almanac

Corn chowder

my husband and i took a trip to tennessee where we had some of the best food. one of the soups we had was corn chowder, it was soooo good that i had to come home and try to make my own. here is my version...

Creamy leek and gouda soup

this is a creamy delectable soup worthy of home and company!

Potted elk roast

decent grazin'.

Senate bean soup

this is an old recipe given to me by my mother. i have tasted different versions but this one is my family's favorite.

Christmas cheer

very red and cheerful. great for people who like both martinis and girlie drinks.

Cranberry pear crisp

this yummy fall recipe comes from the food section of the oregonian newspaper. it is written for fresh or frozen cranberries, not dried. i have increased the amount of orange juice to 1/2 cup based on...

Creamy peas

this is a favorite with my family any time of the season, especially in the summer when peas are plentiful from my garden. although the recipe states to use frozen peas, you can use fresh peas also. this...

Napa salad chinese cabbage no ramen noodles

napa was on sale this week so i ended up with more than i could readily include in a stir-fry. i decided to search here to see if it could be used in a cole-slaw or salad but all i came with was a dozen...

Cinnamon crinkles

crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. yum!

Cranberry pear and ginger relish

very flavorful and low fat.

Jims dip

old family recipe

Coconut chocolate tarts

cute little individual tarts that are decadent tasting. from donna hay's food fast cookbook

Creamy fruit salad

fruit and pudding salad

Chocolatey gorp

this is my favorite snack to munch on! it's

Crock pot chulnt

i finally got a crock pot so i decided to try a recipe for chulnt. it's a hearty mix of beef, beans, and barley. great on a cold rainy night with fresh baked bread.