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Bar B Que Sauce

This is an easy to make Bar-B-Que sauce using ingredients most people have at home.

Author: Debi K

A Very Popular BBQ Sauce

This recipe has a lot of sweetness and spice, so if you're looking for a classic BBQ sauce that's easy to make, look no further. It is very popular with users of 'ceramic' type smokers and grills, (i.e....


Korean BBQ Sauce

I was trying to come up with a homemade BBQ sauce for my wife since she doesn't like traditional BBQ. This is what I came up with. You could add this sauce to any kind of pork ribs.

Author: holmes416

Air Fryer Baby Back Ribs

Who would have thought you can prep and cook your ribs in less than an hour? Well now you can using an air fryer. Quick and easy for a weeknight dinner.

Author: Yoly

Bourbon Whiskey BBQ Sauce

This is a barbecue sauce recipe using Kentucky bourbon whiskey. For best results, refrigerate for a day or two, allowing the flavors to blend.

Author: Kevin

Honey BBQ Sauce

Honey BBQ sauce that tastes very close to the BBW sauce. Tastes great on chicken, beef, pork, or anything else.

Author: ews3942

Alabama Style White Barbecue Sauce

This incredibly easy-to-make Alabama white barbecue sauce was invented in 1925 by Robert 'Big Bob' Gibson at Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q restaurant, in Decatur. Don't let this mixture's appearance stop you...

Author: Chef John

Sweet, Spicy, and Sticky BBQ Sauce

I use this sauce on ribs and then slow-cook 'em on the smoker. A guaranteed hit for any gathering; this sauce is my absolute favorite! May use immediately or keep in an air-tight container in a refrigerator...

Author: Aimee Mitchell

Instant Pot® Ribs from Frozen

These ribs start from a frozen state, so dinner can be made without planning ahead. Each rib portion should have 3 to 4 ribs. I use a spice called "Red Rocks Hickory Smoke Seasoning" from Savory Spice...

Author: thedailygourmet

Big Al's K.C. Bar B Q Sauce

This is a Kansas City-style sauce that I make in my restaurant. It is sweet and smoky with a little bite.

Author: Alan Arthur

Vinegar Based BBQ Sauce

This type of sauce is popular in North Carolina. You can use this sauce as a basting sauce, or just mix it into your cooked meat when you are ready to eat.

Author: Mary

Mustard BBQ Sauce

A sweet mustard-based BBQ sauce with a bit of a bite, excellent on chicken and pork. Also makes a great dipping sauce for chicken fingers! Baste on meat while grilling or serve on the side. Will store...

Author: alaskaninthesouth

Big Bob Gibson's White BBQ Sauce Copycat

This is not the EXACT recipe. However, it is hard to tell the difference in taste! Adjust the ratios to make the spice and/or consistency to what your taste buds prefer. Great for BBQ, drizzled on shrimp...

Author: sanjose_hockey

Eastern North Carolina BBQ Sauce

I have tried a lot of recipes of Eastern North Carolina BBQ Sauce. This is the closest to what you will find in any of the BBQ Restaurants here in North Carolina. It is on the hot side, so you may wish...

Author: RODEO3829

Sweet and Smoky Barbeque Sauce

Use this toward the end of cooking as you would for any BBQ meat such as pork, ribs, or chicken. I have even used it on beef and hamburgers, sausages, hot dogs, or anything you want, for the most part....

Author: ALLY71

Bubba's Best BBQ Sauce

A hot-sweet sauce that is good on just about anything. You can use any kind of cola in this recipe, just don't use diet cola. It makes the sauce bitter.

Author: Bubba

Alabama White Sauce

Little known outside the Southern US, this mayo-based BBQ sauce can't be beat for smoked poultry.

Author: Brian Genest

Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce

Great thick sauce on ribs and chicken!


White BBQ Sauce

A friend of my mom's from Alabama gave her this recipe. It will keep in the refrigerator for several weeks. Remember to keep any sauce you use for brushing or basting meat separate from the rest, for food...

Author: D. L. Mooney

Best Pressure Cooker Sticky BBQ Ribs Ever

It's time to give back to the Allrecipes community for all they have given to me. This recipe is the culmination of learning how to make BBQ ribs for competition, plus learning from my family members who...

Author: Tony Thor

Habanero Pineapple BBQ Sauce

Sweet pineapple and spicy habanero peppers give this sauce a strong flavor unlike anything you'll find at the grocery store. It's great for adding a kick to your summer grilling, or for dipping all year...

Author: Audrey J. Ross

No Cook BBQ Sauce

A tangy BBQ sauce that can be used for just about anything from sandwiches to french fries. Kids especially seem to enjoy.

Author: cynjne

Applesauce Barbeque Sauce

Applesauce gives this sauce a nice thick texture that coats well on meat. It has a sweet spicy flavor that is excellent on chicken or pork. It may also be canned in sterile containers for later use, or...


Mustard Based BBQ Sauce

This is a great version of the traditional mustard based bbq sauce. Most sauces are ketchup based, but in the South we prefer the mustard variation. You oughta try it at least once.

Author: JFREE44

Root Beer BBQ Sauce


Author: maryyyy

Menny's Blueberry Barbecue Sauce

This sauce is a sweet, tangy addition to any barbecue. Blueberries are a true flavor of Maine. Enjoy!

Author: Genoise

Peach Barbecue Sauce

Sweet and spicy, this is a whole bunch tastier than your normal bottled barbecue sauce. I make this from late summer harvested fruits and vegetables and can it for use throughout the year and for holiday...

Author: Karen Barris Calabro

All American Barbecue Sauce

I'm very excited to show you my take on America's most popular style of barbecue sauce--which of course originated in and around Kansas City. After you make a batch of this and taste just how incredible...

Author: Chef John

Habanero BBQ Sauce

Sweet, tangy, and spicy...Great addition to ribs, chicken, or pulled pork (ESPECIALLY pulled pork sandwiches.)

Author: Derek M. Zimmerman

Firehouse BBQ Sauce

This recipe has been passed down by word of mouth in our fire station for years! It is fabulous and you can control how hot it is by how much red pepper you add. Please note that the longer it sits, the...

Author: LAURAL840

Sugar Free BBQ Sauce

This is a recipe for an amazingly delicious bbq sauce that has no sugar. It's great on ribs, chicken...on anything really!!! I had originally gotten it from a friend years ago, and have since 'tweaked'...

Author: heleneshaw

Carolina BBQ Sauce

A friend gave me this recipe some years ago for a vinegar-based sauce with mustard seed. You can use smoked pork neck bones in place of ham hocks if available.

Author: go_vikes

Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce

This is a super sweet and spicy BBQ sauce with fruit that my family and I found in Mexico last Christmas. Try it over grilled tuna like we did, or experiment with chicken or ribs. I have also served this...

Author: Allyson Blok Kulinski

Best Carolina BBQ Meat Sauce

I can't take all the credit for this stuff. I have had to search, and snoop and experiment to get it right. (Thanks Big Daddy's!) But I've had barbeque in some of the best little places in the Carolina's,...


Simple BBQ Sauce

This sauce can be made quickly with ingredients found in a well stocked cupboard, and is mighty tasty.

Author: Karen Bronson

Papa John's Bar B Q Sauce

My dad loves to barbecue and this is his own creation. It's absolutely delicious and goes with a variety of meats. It makes a lot, but keeps well in the ice box and it's nice to have it on hand instead...

Author: Janis Kaye

Absolutely Awesome BBQ Sauce

I have tried many, many BBQ sauces, but I always come back to this one! Using chile sauce in addition to a little ketchup give this sauce extra flavors to tantalize everyone's taste buds!

Author: Joel Manthei

Brie's Spicy Sweet Tangy Barbecue Sauce

This sauce goes great with ribs, chicken, or pulled pork. For more heat, add more cayenne pepper. For more thickness, add more cornstarch. For more tang, add more vinegar.

Author: Briana Falb-Joslin

Grant's Famous Midnight Grill BBQ Sauce

A sauce that's big, bold, and spicy. This one will keep them coming back for more.

Author: Grant Mosesian

Bourbon and Brown Sugar Barbeque Sauce

Great barbecue sauce for pulled pork or chicken. Glazes nicely on the grill.

Author: Ashley

Georgia Barbeque Sauce

Great on chicken with onions wrapped in tin foil!

Author: Kurt Robbins

Kathy's Award Winning Barbeque Sauce

This is a thick and spicy barbeque chicken recipe that has won several cooking contests. The sauce consists of molasses, brown sugar, tomato juice and spices all pureed together in a blender. Some may...

Author: Kathy

Easy Chipotle Peach Barbeque Sauce

This is a quick flavorful recipe for an interesting seasonal barbecue sauce. Use the chipotle peach brisket.

Author: Joel Carpenter- Choctaw Chef

Big Daddy's Barbeque Sauce

This is the best barbeque sauce in the world, and it's easy to boot!

Author: Micah Mae

Blackberry BBQ Sauce

Sweet and fruity basting sauce that will have your guests clamoring for your 'secret.' It is an especially good sauce for pork or beef ribs.

Author: Point Ina James

Eastern North Carolina Barbeque Sauce

This piquant and spicy vinegar-based sauce, popular in Eastern North Carolina, is not for lightweights! It's great for all meats, but best on pork.

Author: Lori

Blackberry Habanero BBQ Sauce

Sweet, hot BBQ sauce is great on pork and chicken. Amazing on shrimp.

Author: Smoke

Guava Barbeque Sauce


Author: Amber

BBQ Sauce

This sauce makes for some excellent tasting ribs, but certainly would also be great on just about anything. It's a very basic combination of ingredients that will yield a tantalizingly great flavor.


Jack BBQ Sauce

Sweet, spicy, and flavored with Jack Daniels whiskey. Great on chicken and pork chops. I came up with this recipe after experimenting in my kitchen. Ketchup may be replaced by your favorite bottled barbeque...

Author: Natalie L