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Black Bean and Corn Salad II

This salad is very colorful and includes a very tasty lime dressing.

Author: Jen

Elotes (Mexican Corn in a Cup)

I grew up just outside of a Mexican border town, and at least twice month my grandmother would take me across the border to do some shopping. I remember the food stands found at every corner street and...

Author: Kelsie

Mexican Bean Salad

A colorful, spicy, and refreshing bean and corn salad.

Author: Karen Castle

Southwestern Roasted Corn Salad

Corn has never tasted so good! This is a perfect side dish for a BBQ and tastes great on a hot summer day.

Author: Kim Fusich

Black Bean and Corn Salad I

This bright, simple salad is a great pot luck dish, or a great main dish served with tortillas or cornbread. Depending on your family's tastes, red peppers can be all sweet bell peppers, or can be a combination...

Author: Bonnie Moore

Corn and Roasted Red Pepper Salad

This sweet-and-sour corn salad makes a great accompaniment for any Tex-Mex meal.

Author: unsane1047

Frito® Corn Salad

Easy, great summer salad for picnics!

Author: Melinda Konowitz

Summer Anytime Crisp Corn Salad

This quick and easy salad is so tasty as a replacement for other salads at picnics, pitch-ins, and barbecues. No mayo to spoil, and goes together in a snap. I've left out the tomato and it's still great....


Summer Corn Salad

This fresh and flavorful salad features buttery yellow corn tossed with chunks of tomato and onion with a fresh basil vinaigrette.

Author: Eileen

Cold Corn Salad

Cold salad is made with corn and peppers. You will be proud to take with you for any holiday occasion!


Spicy Fresh Corn Salad

I was gifted some Cajun-flavored mayonnaise and wasn't sure what to do with it until I spotted fresh corn at the grocery store. I thought the sweetness of the corn would contrast nicely with the spicy...

Author: LauraF

Roasted Corn and Vegetable Salad

This lovely salad captures the best of vegetables and doesn't heat up to kitchen!

Author: thedailygourmet

Summer Corn Salad with Asparagus

A simple, sweet and enjoyable taste of summer. This salad is great served as a side dish, or serve with nacho chips.

Author: Jocelyn

Confetti Corn Salad

A quick and tasty salad which makes a great addition to any cookout.

Author: MECTE

Summer Salad with Grilled Corn and Cherry Tomatoes

Light, refreshing, and delicious! Fresh ingredients make all the difference! This is a summertime favorite that your family will love!

Author: onejedi

Mexican Corn Salad

I'm not sure if this recipe should be called a salad or a salsa, but it sure is good when made with sweet corn. Try it and decide for yourself.

Author: Anonymous

Tomato, Basil, and Corn Salad with Apple Cider Dressing

Five ingredients and five minutes is all you need to make this easy and nutritious summer salad! If you have extra time, you can use 4 ears of fresh corn, cooked and shucked, instead of the frozen corn....

Author: Josephine Franchino Twohy

Sufferin' Succotash Salad

Thanks to the sweet, starchy crunch of the raw corn, the combination of tastes and textures in this salad is outstanding.

Author: Chef John

Mexican Street Vendor Style Corn Salad

I lived in southern California for many years. Around Cinco de Mayo, there would be fiestas in our neighborhood. Vendors sold grilled corn on the cob prepared with butter, mayonnaise, cotija cheese, chile...

Author: Parizienne

Barley, Shrimp, and Corn Salad

A lightly seasoned oil and lemon juice dressing perfectly accents the flavors of this salad made with barley, shrimp, and red and green bell peppers.


Corn Salad with Arugula

This is a wonderful way to use canned corn in a crowd-pleasing yet sophisticated salad. Be sure to use the soft goat cheese that comes in a log or pyramid. That way, you can slice it and your guests can...

Author: SPetrocelly

Elote Salad

A nice way to have elote without having to eat it straight off the husk.

Author: BmanS1965

Edamame and Corn Salad

A wonderful summer salad. Tastes especially good with fresh edamame.

Author: Carla W

Mexican Corn off the Cob Salad

This salad was inspired by the recipes I've seen for grilled Mexican corn on the cob--mayo, lime, cotija cheese--just adjusted for those that would rather not eat corn on the cob or to save time (and grill...

Author: HeidiS

Canned Corn Salad

A tasty salad with canned shoepeg corn, peppers, and green onion!

Author: CandysGlassesRock

Corn and Bacon Salad

This is a great recipe that I've modified over the years. The flavors are terrific and the ingredients and ratios are very flexible. Adapt to make it your own specialty. Great for picnics and pot lucks....

Author: jerrijohnson

Fresh Corn Relish or Salsa

Easy side dish to accompany your barbequed favorites. Refreshing alternative to corn on the cob. Turn the heat up or down with fresh jalapenos.


Popcorn Salad

This salad is a real conversation piece. Whoever heard of popcorn in a salad? If you take it to a dinner, mix the salad and carry the popcorn separately to be added at the last minute.

Author: Paula

Colorful Roasted Corn Salad


Author: scooter

Roasted Butternut Squash and Corn Salad with Cranberries and Cilantro

Perfect side dish for fall, may be served warm or cold. Also note that it is gluten-free!

Author: devaroni

Corn Salad with Creamy Italian Dressing

Simple deliciousness, that's what this is. This corn salad recipe is one of my favorite summer side dishes. It's a perfect complement to just about any meat you pull off the grill, and can be dressed in...

Author: Chef John

Spicy Corn Salad

Everyone's favorite dish on the buffet table, this simple corn salad is perfect with everything. Barbeque, baked ham, sandwiches, anything is complemented by this delicious side. Print out the recipe in...

Author: 5280cook

Warm Corn Salad

This salad goes great with steak. No sugar is added, but it's so sweet!

Author: jennynoe

Easy Corn Salad Great Side for BBQs

This recipe combines canned items with fresh items, so it's really quick to prepare and tastes very fresh. Perfect for summer! The amounts indicated below are what I use when I make a big batch for barbeques,...

Author: experimentalcook

Fresh Corn Salad

I created this fresh corn salad to serve with our lobster dinners that we have about once a month (seafood Sunday). I wanted to do something outside of the traditional sides like corn on the cob and potato....

Author: HP_imagines

Raw Corn Salad

Quick, healthy, and tasty raw corn salad for the summer. No cooking required. Uses fresh, raw, sweet corn on the cob, avocado, and it's easy to tailor to your own tastes.

Author: Steve Edwards

Corn and Green Pepper Salad

Delicious fresh corn salad.

Author: LynneW

Creamy Corn Slaw

One of my favorite go-to summer corn recipes.

Author: Tante

Fresh Summer Corn Salad

This fresh corn salad is a refreshingly simple side dish, perfect for a hot summer night or afternoon picnic.

Author: ltlmsmfft

Corn Salad I

A delicious cold salad for hot summer days, and so simple to make.

Author: Bev Barnes

Easy Corn and Green Onion Salad

This quick and easy recipe is a great side dish to add to any meal. Great for meals that have a heavy/ big main dish but you want to serve a little something extra on the side. Can be made up to 1 day...

Author: Meenes

Corn and Kale Salad

Fresh summer side dish that puts kale to good use. Flavored with sweet pineapple juice and zesty Cajun seasoning. Corn and kale often come together in a CSA box as well, so never through that kale away...

Author: KatieTries2Cook

Grilled Corn Off the Cob Salad

Every summer we have a 4th of July party. There are several dishes that our guests look forward to eating. This is one that makes everyone say Aaaaah, the corn salad...

Author: Lish

Easy Grilled Corn Salad

Incredibly light and refreshing grilled corn salad, goes great with Mexican food.


Kristi's Corn Salad

This is a simple summer salad.

Author: KRISTIS1

Corn Salad II

This creamy corn, cucumber, onion and tomato salad can be prepared in 15 minutes.

Author: GINGER P

Grilled Corn Basil Pesto Salad

Grilled corn tossed with basil pesto and topped with Parmesan, fresh basil, and lemon zest.

Author: cchristi4

Esquites (Mexican Elotes Salad)

Elote, made from grilled corn on the cob and slathered in deliciousness, is a popular street food that shows up at the local fair every year. Esquites are an off-the-cob version that makes a refreshing...

Author: CJ

Refreshing Corn Salad

This is such a fresh tasting salad with ribbons of basil leaves throughout. Add dressing in to your liking.

Author: Jennifer Murray