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Top recipes for "Ground-beef"

Cowboy stew

this is a delicious and easy meal that my family loves. just fire up the crock pot, toss in the ingredients, wait 4 hours, and dinner's ready. it's good with tortilla chips, salsa, and sour cream on the...

Golumpki polish stuffed cabbage rolls

stuffed cabbage in polish is golumpki. it is usually pronounced goowumpki.

Copycat hamburger helper rice oriental

i have such fond memories of eating hamburger helper rice oriental as a kid, and i was devastated when general mills discontinued this yummy product back in 2007. there's a campaign on social media to...

Church cookbook beef oriental

this dish is savory and crunchy. i could not stop munching on the chinese noodles while i was preparing this dish.

Easy cheesy meatloaf

this recipe is so easy that i can put all the ingredients on the same shelf in the refrigerator and have my husband throw it together on soccer practice nights. it can also easily be assembled and refrigerated...

Carnivore chili

courtesy of the oregonian- we make two chilis at my house: one for the vegetarians and one for the meatetarians. omnivores can just mix. this is also good with the addition of some veggies, such as zucchini...

Dolma meat filled

i was recently asked for a recipe for dolma with a meat filling, and here's my recipe.

Chow mein hot dish

i grew up on this easy meal. i still love it and so do my kids. use store brand soups, you'll never notice a difference, and because you drain and rinse the meat, you can use cheaper ground beef if you...


this is a tangy and sweet sandwich filling that can also be made with lean ground beef or turkey, or be made vegetarian by substituting soy crumbles and vegetarian worcestershire sauce. it's quick (prep...

Stove top stuffing casserole

this recipe was born one night when all i had was stove top stuffing to go with browned ground beef. if you like stove top stuffing and need new ground beef recipes, you will love this one.

Cowboy casserole

this is out of betty crocker bisquick weeknight meals october 2005. this is so good--try it with the country bush's baked beans or the honey bush's baked beans it turns out great but different with either...

Crock pot spaghetti bolognese

first try of spag. bol. in my slow cooker and it worked out great. easily adaptable recipe, like lots of tomatoes, add extra! i didn't use oil to brown the mince as i used a non stick pan, certainly can...

Cowboy burgers

this recipe is from kraft.

Easy baked meatballs

easy, anytime meatballs.

Super bowl burgers

posted in response to a request.

Diana burger

the most tender, juciest, delicious burger you'll ever eat with an explosion of cheese inside.

E z chili

this is a very simple recipe that tastes like you spent all day on it.


this is requested by my husband often and is his favorite meal! can be a meal in one or goes great with some rolls or a salad.

Crazy patties

a delicious and slightly zany take on your usual meat patties... really great for burgers.

Diablo sandwich

sandwich ordered by buford t. justice in smokey and the bandit, best served with dr. pepper. my family loves this easy recipe, it is best if simmered for at least an hour and served on a toasted bun.

Crockery pot taco casserole

this is a very good taco casserole. something different to have on a taco friday!!

Deluxe hamburger casserole

we stopped making hamburger helper when we found this recipe. it's easy to make and very cheesy.

Easy bean soup

i made this on the stove top, but this is a delicious crock pot meal to have ready and waiting for you when you come home. recipe courtesy of maurine hutchings, boise idaho and the idaho press tribune....

Hot beef dip

an appetizer with a texan appeal. serve with tortilla chips.

Awesome and easy spaghetti casserole

this is a great alternative to spaghetti! it also freezes and is perfect for large gatherings. a vegetarian option is to omit the meat and use spinach instead.


beef, cheese, noodles, spinach, onions. it's good.

Chunky cheese dip

this recipe came from a neighbor who would always bring it to 4th of july cookouts. i have never met anyone who does not like it.

Colorado pie

this is my adopted recipe and i haven't made it yet. this main dish pie is a family favourite from the more-with-less cookbook. make 2 pies and freeze one for a busy weeknight.

Cranberry chili

i love both chili and cranberries...but i'm not to sure if i want them together. i'll have to try this some day.

Dutch meat loaf

this recipe comes from an older, but local church cookbook of family favorites. while the meat loaf is pretty standard, it is the sauce that intrigued me. we especially like it and i hope you will as...

Christmas chili

from u of alabama's

Mini tacos

these can be a easy appetizer or a light dinner. i received this recipe in an email from the campbell's site, and after we made these for a tasty dinner, i knew i had to share!

Noodleless lasagna

from 500 low-carb recipes by dana carpender.

Cornbread taco bake

a second place winner in the country woman magazine.

Cold taco salad

this is a recipe that i requested often as a child and now i serve it to my has such a fresh taste and soooo good.

Rosy meatballs

another grand meatball recipe, with an unusual sauce that will make you ask why didn't i think of that.

Cuban picadillo

this meat mixture is cooked with a sofrito and can be served on rice with eggs or in tortillas like a taco. goes well with fried plaintains.

Comfort meatballs the pioneer woman

make a double batch and keep some in the freezer for busy cold nights. make extra sauce for dipping! from ree drummond's episode potluck sunday, this has many excellent reviews!

Crock pot hot n spicy sloppy joes

this was emailed to me, pretty tasty!

Crazy meatballs

these meatballs are great as an appetizer or to take along to a potluck. you can make them as small as you'd like. i usually throw them in the crockpot to take along to buffets but never seem to have any...


this is a quick, easy family favorite that is easy on the budget.

Ez cheesy taco mac

short on time and ingredients, i whipped this together with what i had on hand. it beats hamburger helper hands down, even my picky teen had seconds! didn't think to take a picture until the pan was...

Christmas meatballs

really good and juicy. recipe is easily halved or doubled.

Creamy beef and potato bake

this is another tasty recipe that i got off of one of the ontario milk calendars. it is similar in composition to moussaka - a meat layer, a vegetable layer and a creamy sauce, all baked together to make...

Easma kufta

i was given this recipe by a former coworker who was armenian. whenever i bring the leftovers to work for lunch, everyone is popping into the breakroom to see what smells so delicious!

Spanish delight

a family favorite!

Broccoli cheddar meatloaf

came from the saltine box


anyone from nebraska should know this recipe. i got this particular one from the minnesotans for nebraska website. if you don't know what a runza is, i suggest you either get on the next plane to nebraska...

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