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Top recipes for "Salad-dressings"

Creamy ginger miso dressing

this spicy, gingery dressing has a smooth creamy texture due to pureed silken tofu. mmmmm.....

Dijon dill sauce

a great sauce to serve with poached salmon and salmon fishcakes.

Cilantro dressing

i love this with grilled or roasted veggies! non-fat yogurt and sour cream work just as well!

Dressing 1 low sodium italian dressing

i make salad dressings since commercial ones contain way too much sodium. this is a recipe from betty crocker's cookbook, but i reduced the sodium, sugar, and substituted roasted garlic for raw.

Cilantro slaw

recipe from ree drummond, food network. have not tried this yet, but it has had many wonderful reviews.

Del rancho garlic dressing

my father and mother owned the 49th street del rancho in oklahoma city, and this is their all-time,

Cabbage broccoli salad and dressing

a wonderful healthy salad that is served at our friendship lunches and loved by all.

Discovered valley ranch dressing

we go through a lot of salad dressing, and this seems to be the only one the three of us can all agree upon! (my son likes to dip chicken nuggets and pita bread pieces in this--he doesn't

Arugula rocket beet and goat cheese salad

beets and goat cheese are a wonderful combination that is only enhanced by the walnuts. adapted from

White spot dressing

another southern favorite from the 1940's.

Crunchy bok choy slaw

i found this recipe on while searching for recipes using bok choy as an ingredient. i haven't made this yet, but it sounds delish and easy to prepare. if you try it before i do, please share...

Citrus cole slaw

a delicious coleslaw with a little citrus twist! adapted from cooks recipes. if you like your slaw a little wetter, make another 1/2 recipe of the dressing. enjoy! this is southwestern also made in spain,...

Creamy cilantro lime dressing

healthy version of cilantro lime dressing. found at

Low carb caesar salad dressing

this did not over power the salad. most caesar dressings do.

Zesty oriental salad dressing

make-ahead, quick and easy, full of oriental flavors

Northwoods inn creamy buttermilk blue cheese dressing

northwoods inn or clearmans serves this dressing over crisp chopped iceberg lettuce. it is out of this world yummy.

Taco salad

the dressing makes this different from the others posted. i don't care for thousand island or catalina dressings.

Citrus salad dressing

this tart, sweet salad dressing is wonderful on dark, leafy salad greens like romaine or leaf lettuce tossed with orange segments, black olives, and red onion slivers.

Creamy avocado wasabi dressing

this is a nice, tangy dressing, and also makes a good topping for crab cakes! prep time includes refrigeration.

Citrus dressing

from 1001 low fat. try this on a beet salad or as a marinade for chicken.

Creamy caesar dressing

i put this recipe together to make in my "magic bullet" blender but it can be made in a regular blender or food processor just the same.

Confetti coleslaw with cilantro

this recipe is traditionally called "california cole slaw", but i made some changes by reworking the recipe. the pretty contrast of colors reminded me of confetti, hence the name. i found the original...

Dijon herb dressing

i have been trying lots of recipes from "the new american plate" a wonderful cookbook that features dishes that are lower in saturated fats and high in flavors. this is my own rift on one of their many...

Creamy chili dressing

this comes from the most recently published edition of "the joy of cooking." i make it a lot lately because i'm on a low carb diet. i love this stuff, it's like ranch dressing kicked up a few notches!

Fourth of july salad

i received this recipe after having it at a 4th of july party. hence the name for this different 7 layer salad. this is a great tasting and looking salad. when i make this salad for just us, i keep...

Citrus herbs vinaigrette

sweet citrus pop! this is a version of bonefish grills dressing. i tried it and loved it! i'm sure you will too! time includes chill .

Crisp side salad

found this recipe in quick cooking. recipes states: "the light dressing craig miller serves over his crunchy combination of colorful salad fixings contains just a hint of sweetness. i like to make the...

Cilantro vinaigrette

this is best made the day before using and refrigerated so flavors can meld. serve with recipe #501214 or over a bed of greens and avocado slices.

Delicious vinaigrette

this recipe was was developed over many hundreds of trials and is delicious. perhaps the worst thing about this recipe is that the salt content is very high, but it is just too perfect to leave out.

Crab louis

i love crab louis and this version from sunset favorite recipes sounds good. times do not include cooking the crab or eggs.

Cran raspberry vinaigrette

delicious twist to a raspberry dressing. adjust the amount of oil according to your taste and if you want a low-fat dressing.

Creamy roquefort salad dressing

this is different from most of the roquefort dressings i found here. no vinegar, and very thick. a creamy dressing! i prefer this over an iceburg wedge, with tomato garnish.

Easy basalmic vinaigrette

there are a lot of recipes out there, but this one is mine and i like it. you don't have to go overboard with a fancy, expensive basalmic, though i do recommend using a decent quality one.

Creamy low fat italian dressing

so tasty, you won’t believe it’s low fat

Citrusy radish and cilantro salad

modified from woman's day magazine, may 2013. cook time is time for the dressing flavors to meld.

Creamy greek dressing

a recipe from the best 30-minute recipe of cook's illustrated. the flavor in this dressing work especially well with a leafy green salad with sliced cucumber and tomato. eta : the taste is amazing. ...

Easy creamy poppyseed dressing

i haven't made this homemade version of poppyseed dressing yet, but wanted to post it here because of the ease of preparation and for safe-keeping. cooking time is the time alotted for flavors to meld...

Columbus sweet sour salad dressing

this very simple, yet tasty, dressing was served (over a tossed salad) at a church monthly supper for many years. by using equal susgar substitute, it is suitable for diabetic meal plans, and still very...

Easy coleslaw dressing

my mother-in-law gave me this recipe years ago and it is the one i make the most. super easy. halve the recipe to cover one bag of prepared slaw vegetables. prep time does not include chill time.

Deep south creole potato salad

a delicious deep south potato salad adapted from whole foods.

Cilantro salad dressing

posted by request. sounds good! for extra flavor try adding some cumin or lime juice.

Creamy balsamic salad dressing

i got this off a blog: my life as a mrs. i was wanting more ken's salad dressing: creamy balsamic and i figured i could make i went to google and found this one...

Classic honey dijon dressing

a tantalizing combination of spice and sweet!

Copycat costa vida ranch salad dressing

i'm mostly posting this here so i don't lose it again but this is really, really good dressing. i think there's a bunch of costa vida resturants out west but i went to the one in portland, me and am now...

Creamy raspberry dressing

this dressing is lovely on a simple spinach salad. this came from bandwagon. i have not tried this, just posting for safe keeping.

Easy blender mayonnaise

this is a fairly simple to make mayonnaise that tastes just like the expensive store-bought kinds. made from simple household ingredients. make when you are in a pinch or all the time like i do. i have...

Basic bleu cheese salad wedge

here is a tasty summer salad. crispy iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, green onions topped with homemade bleu cheese dressing. you could put any of your favorite salad toppings on this great summer salad. you...

Citrus salad dressing or marinade

another great dressing/marinade from good seasons, using their italian salad dressing mix. they recommend it atop a salad with chicken, fruit and nuts or as a marinade for asparagus, shrimp or chicken....

Old spaghetti factory creamy pesto dressing recipe

found this on haven't tried it yet, somebody who cooks better than i should let me know if it's any good.

Dijon vinaigrette

nice salad dressing that i want to be able to save on recipezaar so i stop forgetting it.

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