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Homemade Apple Cider

Homemade apple cider.

Author: scollins

Copycat V8® Juice

Full of tomatoes, celery, onion, pepper, beet, carrot, and garlic, this vegetable juice cocktail tastes even better than the store-bought version!

Author: Lisa

Healthy Green Juice

Great healthy drink for detoxing after the holidays or whenever you have overdone it. Worth it to buy the organic celery, even if you buy conventional for everything else. Adjust fruit and veggie amounts...

Author: PageLeeNC

Fresh, Homemade Apple Juice

My mother had a creative way of using the apple cores and peels leftover from making apple pie: to make homemade apple juice. Store-bought apple juice is tasty, but it has a strong, distinct flavor with...

Author: megmeister

Watermelon Juice

A quick and delicious drink that goes well on any day. You can even make ice pops out of this drink as a snack. Try lemon-lime soda in place of water for another variation. You can also add ice cubes if...

Author: CaliMC

Fruit Flavored Water

Tired of plain old boring water? Here's a cool and fruity twist on it! Mix up your fruits for a tasty surprise! Citrus fruit and berries work best. If you want more flavor, add more fruits, and if you...

Author: Dey Saiee

Strawberry Soda Syrup

We're going to take fresh strawberries and make our own homemade fruit syrup, which can be put into tea, lemonade, or made into the world's best strawberry soda!

Author: Chef John

Watermelon Cooler

Refreshing and healthy! Works best served with big straws! Feel free to leave some big chunks.

Author: METG

Vegetable and Fruit Juice

This is so delicious and addictive! It is also very healthy. It tastes very fresh with the lime and ginger kick at the end of the drink. If you want to save the pulp, juice the carrots and tomatoes in...

Author: Alice Yuko Shikina

Virgin Sunset

This is my interpretation of a virgin sunset. I also refer to this as a pineapple, orange, cherry cocktail. The grenadine will sink to bottom causing layering of orange and red, hence, 'sunset.' If you...

Author: Kristy Self Kapp

Hot Caramel Apple Cider

Warm up a cold day with a mug of hot apple cider topped with a hint of caramel.

Author: cookincrazy:)

Watermelon Lime Agua Fresca

A very refreshing drink. You may also use cantaloupe or honeydew melon. These taste like the juices served in authentic Mexican restaurants. Serve in tall glasses over ice.

Author: Anonymous

Green Dragon Veggie Juice

Energizing and refreshing and a simple way to get your greens! Perfect first thing in the morning or as a savory afternoon treat. I like to add a pinch of salt to really bring out the flavors. I sometimes...

Author: France C

Orange Carrot Ginger Juice

Boost your immune system with an orange-carrot-ginger juice packed with healthy citrus and carrots. This juice has tons of flavor, a zing of tartness, and is full of nourishment. The perfect juice to spring-clean...

Author: Megan Olson

Homemade Sports Drink (aka Greaterade)

The Golden State Warriors' decision to ban commercial sports drinks and make their own with Himalayan sea salt inspired me to try my own--with less sugar. You can tweak this recipe to create your perfect...

Author: Chef John

Best Watermelon Slushie

This is a healthy, delicious, refreshing treat for a hot day. Replace the honey with blue agave sweetener if you wish. Enjoy!

Author: xxBubblie13xx

Spicy Tomato Drink

Very tasty drink, high in potassium. Not just bland tomato juice. Serve as is or add vodka for the best Bloody Mary.

Author: Lars Donie

Watermelon and Cucumber Juice with a Spritz of Lime

Cool and refreshing juice -- mellow watermelon and cucumber juice with a touch of tartness from the lime.

Author: Alyse Ellienne

Pineapple Sunrise

A refreshing way to get your day started with only 3 ingredients but packed full of vitamins! Perfect for those who don't like the overly-sweet flavor of carrot juice. The pineapple and lime really tone...

Author: France C

Teddy Bear Juice

A drink to help soothe sick little ones. Only add honey for children over 1 year old. My daughter calls this 'Teddy Bear' juice because of our honey bear. Great for a sore throat and for people who don't...

Author: Kathleen

Sparkling Blood Orange Juice

A gorgeous, ruby-red drink that's elegant and good for you. Store in the refrigerator until it is time to serve.

Author: Gina Guerra

Grilled Lemon Limeade

Once you see all the lemons and limes cooked and fragrant on the grill, you'll believe the extra steps to this limeade are worth the wait. The grilling jumpstarts the flavor out of the citrus, so that...

Author: Matt Wencl

Blueberry Limeade

Refreshing blueberry limeade is prepared with fresh blueberries, lime juice, and sugar. Serve cold over ice. Stir well before serving.

Author: Yoly

Cucumber Cooler

I was desperate to come up with some cucumber recipes after my garden mass produced the veggie. I find this is a refreshing treat, especially after mowing the yard. Serve over ice. Garnish with mint, as...

Author: Kelly Baker-Hefley

Strawberry Watermelon Agua Fresca

This refreshing blend of strawberries and watermelon is sweetened with organic stevia and finished with sparkling water and ice. A perfect drink for a hot summer day.

Author: Wholesome

Soursop Punch

One of my favorite beverages when I was a little girl was made with the soursop fruit. You can use either white or brown sugar for this punch.

Author: jaci

Orange Carrot Juice

Orange-carrot juice.

Author: Amethyst Douglas

Copycat V8® Juice

Full of tomatoes, celery, onion, pepper, beet, carrot, and garlic, this vegetable juice cocktail tastes even better than the store-bought version!

Author: Lisa

Prickly Pear Tonic and Lime

Wonderfully refreshing drink after a long run or in the morning to rehydrate.

Author: Mikhail

Homemade Apple Cider

Homemade apple cider.

Author: scollins

Apple Carrot Juice

Apple and orange are added to this carrot juice which makes for a healthy, tasty beverage. If you add flaxseed oil, you'll add some omega-3 fatty acids to your morning drink.

Author: MisterHealthy

Light Cranberry Coconut Refresher

A refreshing thirst quencher that's not loaded with calories and sugar and has just the right balance of sweet-tart. This is the perfect beverage for anybody watching their calories but still looking for...

Author: lutzflcat

Strawberry Guava Spritzer

This an endlessly variable recipe. Try different kinds of juice concentrate or different carbonated beverages according to your taste. Use more or less club soda depending on the the level of sweetness...

Author: abeauregard

Green Lemonade

This drink requires a juicer to make. It is super healthy and loaded with powerful nutrition.

Author: Green Earth, Green Home

Tres en Uno (Three in One)

I had this drink at a juice bar in Venezuela over 20 years ago. I was very surprised at the three ingredients in this healthful drink. Adjust the proportions to match your individual taste buds, and add...

Author: Laurie Johnson Gonzalez

Cherry Sport Drink

This drink is to be used in place of store-bought sport drinks filled with unrecognizable ingredients. Regular cherry juice can be used in place of tart cherry juice if desired. Coconut water can also...

Author: MrMrsScott

Cool Fizzies for the Kiddies

Here's a kid-approved drink that adults enjoy too! Be sure ALL ingredients are super cold before preparing this beverage, and just multiply to make more for a crowd.

Author: CookinginFL

Homemade Strawberry Jam Limeade

If you want strawberry limeade but don't have fresh or frozen strawberries on hand, substitute with homemade strawberry freezer jam.

Author: Darrin Caldwell

Rainbow Juice

Get all the colors of the rainbow and the full spectrum of health benefits from drinking this unbelievably delicious concoction of fresh juices. Nutritionists agree that you should get fresh fruits and...

Author: Chef Jombus

Honeydew Juice With Chocolate Syrup

This is the best!

Author: Shuk22

Sesame Seed Juice

A toasted tasty juice, this is a traditional beverage of Puerto Rico. It's so refreshing and a different idea. For an iced cool beverage, add crushed ice and serve immediately.


Homemade Strawberry Nectar

They don't sell Strawberry Nectar in my town, so I make my own. The apple juice is for sweetness. Be careful: not all brands have a good aftertaste even frozen. Fresh juiced apple is better. Thawed frozen...


Sour Berry Blast Slushy

I love making this recipe for my friends, family, and just for myself! I love the sour kick. It's funny if you don't tell the person who you served it to that it's sour! Great for parties, summer, and...

Author: MadFoodScientist(:

Brown Sugar and Honey Limeade

Slightly sweet, slightly tart treat.

Author: highplainstx

Chai Limeade

Get ready to spice up your summer with this extraordinary flavor combination even your kids will love. Sweet, tart, spicy, exotic and so easy to make. Great for brunches, pool-side, or sitting reading...

Author: MitchJGray

Orange Basil Sparkler

Emergen-C® Super Orange sparkles in this refreshing drink, which features citrus slices and fresh basil for a punch of flavor.

Author: Emergen-C(R)

Colonial Holiday Cup

Traditional hot, spiced beverage great for holiday gatherings or anytime when it's cold outside. You will find it superior to the powdered mixes. Continue to simmer and the spices will fill your home with...

Author: Sweet Tooth

Fruit Flavored Water

Tired of plain old boring water? Here's a cool and fruity twist on it! Mix up your fruits for a tasty surprise! Citrus fruit and berries work best. If you want more flavor, add more fruits, and if you...

Author: Dey Saiee

Lime Honey Soda

My favorite drink on hot days. Well, it's hot most of the time of the year in Bangkok! Add chopped fresh fruit if desired.

Author: Yui

Hot Carmel Apple Juice

A great warm fall drink. Great replacement for a winter's hot cocoa! My children love it. I came up with it when I wanted something warm and sweet but didn't want the caffeine. Like hot apple pie in a...

Author: Kelly Provost