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Liver Foie Gras Mousse (Pâté)

Foie gras literally translates as fat liver. Made from duck and/or geese livers. Try this easy treat for your next cocktail party. (Author:Andrew Zimmern)

Author: Leianne C

Dorito Dip

I always have this going in the crock pot for Superbowl Sunday! Hope you enjoy it also!

Author: Shelley Simpson

Beef Tenderloin Rumaki

We love this Beef Tenderloin Rumaki. It is easy to make, can be prepped ahead of time and tastes delicious! This rumaki recipe combines succulent beef tenderloin nestled in a sweet red bell pepper, with...

Author: Beth Pierce

Bud's Homemade Summer Sausage

When I married into my husband's family I learned they had a 75 year old tradition each Thanksgiving. It was making Summer Sausage. Not the usual casing sausage, but made with HAMBURGER! We have made oodles...


Mini Rye Bread Pizza's

Good appetizer. These go fast at a party and are not time consuming.

Author: Jan Reither

Anytime Tailgate Sandwiches

Your next tailgate needs these yummy little sandwiches. They are the ideal munchable size. The sweetness from the rolls and the ham are the perfect balance to the savory cream cheese, Parmesan, and onion....

Author: Kendra W. Raymond

Texas Armadillo Eggs

This is a great recipe to make for a gathering of any kind. I usually end up making several batches because they don't last long with a group of hungry snackers. These photos are from the internet so you...

Author: Jeanne Benavidez

Drunken Sausage

As with a lot of foods, this one is better made the day before so the flavors can all absorb. I reheat in my slow cooker for parties as an appetizer or over a hearty pasta for a meal.

Author: Shelley Maurer

Grandma's Meatballs with Sauerkraut

This is another one of my grandma's Hungarian recipes- I love sauerkraut. And many of her recipes have sauerkraut and rice and pork or beef - all similar but still different in taste. Again this has been...

Author: Pat Duran

French Canadian Creton

Adapted from Food by Country

Author: Jean Ray

Dale's pickled ring bologna

i got this recipe from my cousin Dale. we love pickled ring bologna, we can't find it where we live, so when we go to Michigan we have to pick up a supply or make our own.

Author: karen wilsey

Lisa's Chicken Livers Wrapped in Bacon

My husband is in love with it and they are so delicious and tasty. I make them all the time for holidays and occasions.

Author: Lisa Johnson

Pickled Bologna

This was given to my by my good friend Dana who works here as a volunteer at the park. She brought me in some a short while ago and it was so good, I just had to have the recipe. I don't have a pict, but...

Author: Jane Whittaker

Braunschweiger Spread

I love braunschweiger. I remember my dad used to love a braunschweiger sandwich with lettuce and onion. As a kid I liked them as well and still do. I don't eat it often but every once in a while I want...

Author: R S

Grandma Jennie's Pickled Heart and Tongue

Ilo Rhines - when butchering cattle nothing went to waste

Author: Christe Harwood

Reuben Balls

Oh My Goodness! These are so delicious! One of the best recipes I've ever created. I took a twist on an old appetizer recipe and had a good ole' inspiration. My husband says "Reuben Balls Rock"

Author: Robin Lieneke

Flaky Chorizo Potato and Cheese Empanadas

Perfectly spicy and 100% delicious! We love the combination of flavors and can't wait to make this recipe again.

Author: Adriana Torres

Best Darn Chicken Tenders

Member's Choice! This is great homemade chicken tender recipe to serve at your next party. They would also be great if you have a group of teenagers in the house. These are pretty easy to make and we loved...

Author: Cassie *

Drunken Meatballs

These meatballs are amazingly easy & delish! I just love those "walk away" recipes!!! We make these for every holiday & there's never any to take home!

Author: Amber Franks

Applesauce meatballs

i first tasted these as a appetizers but have made these as a main course.

Author: c g

King's Hawaiian Roll Sandwiches

Barbara Pace prepared this for our January 2014 meeting.

Author: Club Recipes

Cheesy Bacon Appetizer

This recipe from Savory Recipes is so good -this is like the one Rachael Ray made recently. This is made with sourdough bread, sliced in a checkerboard fashion- almost to the bottom, but left in-tack;...

Author: Pat Duran

Cantonese Meatballs

My family love meatballs. I am always asked to make these for gatherings. They are sweet and delicious

Author: Jennifer J

Aunt Mim's Pickled Polish Sausage

This recipe really does not have "correct amounts" per se. But it is a very easy and quck recipe. We love this recipe and at the holdays make large batches and present them as gifts. I hope you will try...

Author: Pearl Florick

Drunkin' Dogs

This is a very easy, tasty appetizer. It does use whiskey but the alcohol cooks off.

Author: Janice Splaha

Hoagie Bake

Part pizza, part sandwich... 100% delicious! The Test Kitchen and I served these alongside small bowls of marinara for dipping, and it was scrumptious.

Author: Kathy Cromer

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts

On the fence if you like water chestnuts? One bite and you are sold. I guarantee you will be asked to make these over and over again. I quadruple this recipe because they go so fast. Perfect for tailgating,...

Author: Natalie Loop

Mini Beef Wellington Hors D'ouerves

This is the perfect party appetizer! These little hors d'oeuvres are sure to impress guests. They really are like a Beef Wellington in bite-size form. Cooking down the mushrooms in Madeira wine gives them...

Author: Monica Keleher

Bologna Cake

After watching the movie,Sweet Home Alabama, it got me curious as to what a Bologna Cake was. Being as Im from the south i thought it was my duty to b up to speed on all southern cooking. :0) This is not...

Author: Holly Simmons

Best Homemade Salami

This is great made from deer meat. The Mortons tender quick salt can be hard to find, I ordered it on line.

Author: Louise Lindler

Miniature Reuben Appetizers

I made these this year as one of the many appetizers for our Christmas Eve get together. Perfect!

Author: Sharon Raasch

Lit'l Smokies Appetizers

I got this easy recipe from a lady at Vacation Bible School years ago. My kids loved them and frequently request them at their parties. I prefer the Hillshire Farms brand Lit'l Smokies and the original...

Author: Beverley Williams

Drunken Hot Dogs

My mother used to make this and now it's a favorite for our family whether it's a football game, or get together. We have served it over hot rice or with toothpicks as an appetizer.

Author: Nikki B

Ham & Cheese Puff Pastry

This is the appetizer that will be first to go at your next gathering. Ham, turkey and cheese are layered in a flaky pastry roll, and baked until the filling is hot and the cheese is melted. And it couldn't...

Author: s s

Polish mistakes

Can substitute white party bread instead of rye bread if desired.

Author: Patty Van Natter

Baked Pork Fingers with a Honey Mustard Sauce

These are similar to your basic chicken fingers, but made with pork, and a few other ingredients. They are quick and easy to assemble, and taste so yummy. So, you ready... Let's get into the kitchen.

Author: Andy Anderson !

Ethiopian Berbere Beef Sambusas

These sambusas are filled with a tasty beef (or half beef and half ground lamb) filling that is flavored with berbere spice, chilis, onions, garlic, ginger, etc.. Serve them as an appetizer or as a "pastie"...

Author: Nat Y

Greek Dolmades with Avgolemono Sauce

Super easy and super tasty, these little appetizers are a delicious choice anytime! With a nice lemon-egg sauce, everyone will enjoy their flavor and simplicity!

Author: Francine Lizotte

Party Rye Pizza

You can freeze these in freezer bags and just heat later.

Author: linda hennessey

Little Reuben Appetizers

These are so nice to serve for St. Patrick's Day. They are simple to make and everyone seems to love them. A friend gave me this recipe last year and I make them whenever I need to take an appetizer to...

Author: Kathie Carr

Sweet Heat Bacon Sirloin Bites

Who doesn't love steak and bacon? The glaze was a perfect balance of sweet and heat and went well with the smokiness of the bacon in this easy appetizer recipe. These bite-size bad boys will be a big hit...

Author: Mary Shivers

Spicy Tamale Balls

These are favorites with kids and make great party appetizers. They are gone in minutes! The sage pork sausage really makes a difference in the taste but you can use regular or spicy plain pork sausage...

Author: Donna Graffagnino

Tamale Balls

What a great appetizer! Imagine all the yummy deliciousness of a tamale in a bite-size package. These do have a bit of a kick, so adjust the heat to your liking.

Author: Stacey Lawson

Pepperoni Cheese Ball

We've never met a cheese ball recipe we didn't like and we absolutely loved this one. It's creamy with the spice from the pepperoni and saltiness of the cheddar cheese. Then there's a little tang from...

Author: Mary Lee

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Vidalia Onions

This is one of the most DELICIOUS appetizer/sides. Anyone who loves bacon and vidalias will absolutely LOVE this recipe. My family would like to have this at every outing. Friends love it also. EVERYONE...

Author: beth norred

Hidden Valley Ranch Sausage Stars

Found this recipe a long time ago in McCalls Magazine, December 1992 issue. They look really cute when served and taste delicious.

Author: linda hennessey

Melissa's Meatballs

This is my favorite meatball recipe. So easy to prepare and such great flavor.

Author: Melissa Snow

Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese

When we first saw this appetizer recipe we thought it looked interesting. What's not to love - bacon, cream cheese, and bread? We were not disappointed. These little gems are like eating a cream cheese...

Author: V Seward

Smoked Ham Shank

We love to smoke meat, pork and chicken, but a smoked ham shank is one of our favorite things to enjoy, and the leftovers are incredible. You can also smoke a ham on a grill, just use indirect heat with...

Author: Lynn Socko

Reuben Cocktail Appetizers

These were so easy and delicious..my son and husband were eating them before I told them they were for club Bunko...I did manage to save them in time though..will have to make more soon..these will be...

Author: Pat Duran