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Top recipes for "Apples"

Cinnamon swirled apple bread

yummy for the tummy! i love cinnamon breads and this one takes it to the extreme of yummy! makes two loaves. i'm not sure how it will freeze but makes a nice gift.

Cran appledorf

a wonderful and easy side dish to serve with poultry. comes together in minutes and has a very attractive presentation.

Devon pork and cider

based on a recipe from "the farmhouse kitchen" by dorothy sleightholme, a companion book to the bbc production of the same name.

Easy apple bars

from outpost natural foods, in their diabetes fighting flyer. this is almost a one dish recipe. everything gets mixed together in the pan.

Country apple cake

this cake is made in a pie plate and is delish. i got this recipe from a remax card that came in the mail.

Creamy jello o waldorf salad

a delicious and refreshing summertime salad! a lime jell-o salad, made creamy by lemon pudding. can use one can of lemon pudding instead of the prepared lemon instant pudding. posted in response to a request....

Diabetic apple cobbler

apple cobbler for diabetics. low glycemic. low sugar. high fiber. all natural. delicious!

Cinnamon apple popcorn

a great munchie for fall/winter. the kids will love it for their halloween party.

Crabapple juice

this is a great replacement for cranberry juice. i use it in punches and to de-sweeten commerical juice. my mom has a great dark red crabapple tree in her yard so i always have an abundant supply.

Cucumber apple slaw

from cooking light. cool.

Crock pot apple crumb crisp

wanted to make something for dessert so i threw a few things together and came up with a simple apple crisp. you'll need just four basic ingredients to make this comforting dessert. started at 4:00 pm...

Caramel pecan cheese dip

i found this on a keebler coupon/recipe pamphlet at our local weis grocery store and i wanted to post it for safe keeping (and so i could make it for new years eve).

Cinnamon apple puddings

from australian bh&g diabetic living - a lovely sounding light dessert.

Dip for apples

this is a very simple, great tasting dip that my kids, in particular, love.

Cloudy melon

this is my husband's concoction. we were trying to use up some midori one day, and this was quite tasty!

Cooked apples

a quick and easy way to use up those apples from our orchard.

Dutch apple pancakes

these are not your normal pancakes. let them puff up as big as you want it just adds to the flavor and fun for young kids. this was a family favorite found in a vegetarian cookbook my mother had but...

Cran salsa

an unexpectedly delicious sweet/tangy salsa. this stuff is addictive

Easy applesauce breakfast puffs

uses bisquick. recipe from another taste of palm springs. quick, easy and delicious.

Christmas goose

step by step goose recipe was originally printed in bon appetit (december 1983)

Crock pot pork loin chops with apples

from our family gourmet chef, my sister-in-law tammy...with my own twist of course!

Crabapple jam

a tasty departure from regular crabapple preserves. from an online source in response to a recipe request. while this recipe is written in a relatively old-fashioned way, it is perfectly safe if processed...

Diabetic apple pie

i have not made this diabetic apple pie that was originally printed in the international menu diabetic cookbook entitled iablochnyi pirog as a russian apple pie. food exchanges are: 1/2 bread and 1 1/2...

Cinnamon apple jelly

this recipe is really spicy and sweet!

Apple cinnamon bundt cake

this recipe is from every day foods. i saw it on tv, and it looked so easy, i had to make it. it's moist and full of tender and chunky apple slices, and has a rich cinnamon spice flavor. i served it still...

Easy apple dumplings

these are super easy to make and soooo good.

Cranberry applesauce

a wonderful compliment to many dishes. also a great side for the "2013 thanksgiv-ukkah", as it goes very well with recipe #509834. super easy to make and yummy. i hope you enjoy this recipe.

Crock pot pork and sauerkraut

traditional pa dutch new year's day meal. serve with mashed potatoes. :)

Apple krinkle

oh, how i love apples.

Easy apple cider

easy, but tasty apple cider, that can be made for 1 or many.

Apple honey dutch baby

posted for 2005 zaar world tour. recipe from taste of home recipe site.

Dutch style potato bake

i found this recipe on the website. the intro states that it is a dish inspired by a similar dutch dish in which the ingredients are mashed together and eaten with sausage. in this...

Easiest apple roses

don’t worry, this edible bouquet of roses is way easier than it looks, thanks to a simple rolling trick. recipe courtesy brett long.

Cranberry applesauce with orange and pears

slightly tart cranberry applesauce, a favorite of my step-daughter and my 16-month-old grandchild. i use orange juice and pears to sweeten the sauce in lieu of granulated sugar. i finish with a small...

Christmas fruit salad

this a recipie we came up with one day with what we had on hand. when my husband tasted it, he said, "it tastes like christmas!"

Easy apple syrup

very good! i first made this around the year 2000. very easy and tasty.

Easy applesauce cooked in rice steamer

this is an incredibly quick and tasty applesauce recipe. the unusual cooking method is both easier and yummier. unlike stovetop applesauce recipes, this requires no added water so it's richer, and it...

Classic apple pie

use your favourite apple variety, just make a note to alter the amount of sugar based upon the sweetness of the apples used!

Easy apple curry

i was fasting for ekadasi the other day ( a fast where hindus stay away from grains and beans) and was really hungry and needed to make something in a jiffy. i had only eaten apply curry once before, but...

Danish apple and prune cake

this cake is truly delicious and has been a firm favourite in our family for years. great for special occasions when you have people over. it keeps well for at least a week in an airtight tin.

Creole bread pudding with bourbon sauce

i found this recipe on the website. the intro states it originates from new orleans chef leah chase, the queen of creole cuisine (and from dooky chase's restaurant in new orleans, louisiana)....

Danish apple pudding

a flavoursome danish apple pudding with hazelnuts, honey and lemon. this dessert can be made well ahead of serving time as it is served chilled. hazelnuts although high in fat contain mostly monosaturated...

Dutch apple bars

tastes like dutch apple pie on a shortbread crust. this is a professionally tested recipe, but be advised that there is much variation between individual ovens, and therefore baking times, temps are a...

Easy apple dip

great for kids and snacks, or fall parties. can use reduced fat ingredients.

Easy baked apples

you can also bake these in the oven, but this is very good if you want to do then quick.

Applesauce jello

posted in response to a request on the boards.

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