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Best Strawberry Daiquiri

A frosty blender full of strawberry-citrus slush. You will enjoy this with or without the rum!

Author: TBOND

Mai Tai

Two flavors of rum combine with pineapple juice and orange juice to make a yummy, fruity drink.

Author: Andrea

Bahama Mama

A delicious tropical adult drink!

Author: THALL

The Perfect Mai Tai

The perfect Spring or Summer drink. Tried and tested for over 12 years now. and always a crowd favorite! This recipe yields one gallon!! Use a 1 gallon sun tea jar for serving!

Author: 7MICK

Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

Invented in Hawaii in the 1950s, the Blue Hawaiian will have you crooning like Elvis.

Author: Allrecipes

Mojitos by the Pitcher

I have served this to people who have sworn that they dislike mojitos and they love it. I believe it is the fresh ingredients and the use of sugar, instead of simple syrup, muddled together that makes...

Author: malgal

Pina Colada Cocktail

The pina colada is a blended drink that originated in Puerto Rico. The mixture of pineapple, coconut, and rum is a taste of the tropics.

Author: Allrecipes

Hot Buttered Rum Batter

This is THE batter to use for absolutely delicious and buttery Hot Buttered Rums! You can keep this in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Author: SHERIMA1

Old Fashioned Hot Buttered Rum


Author: Linda Correia

Hot Spiked Cider

A 'spiked' version of the traditional hot cider - great for fall or holiday gatherings. This can be made in large quantities and kept warm in an electric coffee server.

Author: debmallonee

The Real Rum Runner

The real rum runner recipe straight from the source in the Florida Keys, where it was originally concocted in the 50s.

Author: Jason R

Mai Tai Cocktail

This variation on the classic mai tai combines three kinds of rum with orgeat, orange liqueur, and lime juice for a taste of the Pacific islands!

Author: Allrecipes

Bahama Breeze

Rum and a blend of liqueurs served in a tall glass make a wonderful tropical drink.


Classic Cuba Libre

Does it get any easier than this? It's rum and a cola beverage with a splash of lime.

Author: c-biskit

Fresh Pineapple Rum

Update your favorite rum drinks with fantastic tropical flavor or simply upgrade that so-so bottle of rum to something refreshingly delicious - this recipe is super easy! Infused rum keeps for up to 6...

Author: Matt Wencl

Cherry Bomb

This is a wonderful rum drink with lime and grenadine. It's great for any occasion. If this recipe seems too easy, well it is, but the drink is incredibly enjoyable and worth the lack of trouble!

Author: TENS100

Tropical Punch Cocktail


Author: jimmy joe

Chef John's Hot Buttered Rum

While eggnog gets a lot more press, hot buttered rum is the ultimate festive holiday drink. So rich, so delicious, so satisfying, and super easy to make.

Author: Chef John

Pina Colada III

A simple run-of-the-mill pina colada drink.

Author: May and Siv

Cocojito (Frozen Mojito)

A yummy frozen mojito with a slight coconut sweetness. Add more cream of coconut for a sweeter drink. Add more rum for a stronger one! Enjoy!

Author: AngS

Trader Vic Mai Tai Cocktail

California restaurateur Trader Vic is credited with invention of the mai tai. He served the rum and juice cocktail to friends visiting from Tahiti, who exclaimed, 'Maita'i roa ae!' The term translates...

Author: Allrecipes

Watermelon Mojitos

Is there anything more summery than a fresh, juicy watermelon? This mojito is perfect for summertime parties, BBQs, birthdays, and girls' nights. It's refreshing, delicious, and super easy to make on a...

Author: Sarah Lees

Malibu Bay Breeze

A fruity tropical mixed drink.

Author: LOUHW2

Planters' Punch Cocktail

This tropical cocktail is refreshing like the ocean breeze. The mixture of rum and fruit juices will transport you to an sandy beach.

Author: Allrecipes

Strawberry Mojito

I had this drink at a popular chain restaurant and decided to try it at home. I have served it at a couple different gatherings now and it has always been given rave reviews. It's the perfect drink for...

Author: Jolene

Bill's Famous Pina Colada

This pina colada is like a dream in a glass-it is 25% dessert, 75% tropical vacation, and 100% adult beverage. You can hear the Pacific from Omaha if you have one of these in your hand. Enjoy! You can...

Author: bill r

Bahama Mama I

Refreshing alcoholic drink with rum and tropical flavors. Maybe you can't be in the Bahamas, but at least you can pretend with one of these!

Author: Diane Lloyd

Shark Bite Cocktail

This is a fun cocktail that looks like ocean water dotted with blood. Perfect for Shark Week viewing parties!

Author: sonjagroset

Bahama Mama Celebration Drink

This is a flavorful summertime party drink.

Author: Lawrence E. Abraham

Jamaica Coffee

The perfect coffee drink after a meal.


Peppermint Eggnog Punch

This punch is so delicious, I sometimes make a batch without the rum because the kids enjoy it as much as the adults!

Author: NJMOM

Fog Cutter

This tropical tiki drink will clear the fog!

Author: Jennifer Baker

Hot Lemonade

This is the recipe for hot lemonade my mom used to make for me when I was sick. Very good...


Hurricane Cocktail

The sweet and boozy concoction known as the hurricane, is a popular drink in America's #1 party town--New Orleans.

Author: Allrecipes

Pina Colada I

The real Pina Colada was invented in the Hotel Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico during the decade of the 1950's. The inventor was a bartender who entered a world competition, and won for this drink. He did...


Pineapple Mojito


Author: Yoly

Frozen Lime Daiquiri

You can make this a banana daiquiri simply by adding a banana!

Author: Bea Gassman

Green Grog

We like to call it the green drink. It's sweet, it's sour, it's tasty and it packs a real punch so go slow.

Author: Shannon

Mint Cucumber Mojitos

This refreshing version of mint mojitos features a springtime kick of cucumber. We love these at special gatherings and summer barbeques. A pitcher of this can be made a few hours in advance--just add...

Author: Wendy Morrow-Kelly

Eggnog from Scratch

It is relatively easy to toss a few quarts of eggnog and a bottle of rum into a punch bowl, but take the time to make some eggnog from scratch and you will be amazed how great real eggnog can be.

Author: MGM Grand

Watermelon Mojito Granita

A refreshing sweet twist on the original mojito, but frozen. Top with a mint leaf and more rum if you choose to.

Author: Diana Mc

Strawberry Daiquiri II

A refreshing strawberry daiquiri.

Author: chefhb

Classic Daiquiri

Enjoy this classic daiquiri frozen or on the rocks.

Author: Patrick Washburn

Next Best Thing to Lulu's Pina Colada

Jimmy Buffett's sister, Lulu, owns a very popular restaurant in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Lulu's serves the ABSOLUTE best Pina Colada in the world there! Here is the next best thing to one of hers! If you...

Author: Simon'sMom

Hemingway Daiquiri Cocktail

Not so much the drink of Ernest Hemingway, but rather the drink inspired by the author, the Hemingway daiquiri is a sweet and tart rum drink that packs a punch.

Author: Allrecipes

Pineapple Breeze

A summer drink with Malibu® Rum, Sprite®, pineapple juice, and o.j.

Author: Heather

Pina Colada

This is a classic and easy pina colada that will transport you immediately to a tropical place. Close your eyes and taste the beach, sun, and palm trees!

Author: petrastange

Malibu™ Bailey's Colada

A friend's mom made this on a hot summer day after she got back from a cruise. It's one of the best pina colada drinks I've ever had.

Author: Amy C

Zombie Cocktail


Author: Lorem Ipsum

Orange Pineapple Smoothie

This drink is really refreshing on a hot summer day, however, only adults are allowed to indulge in this feast!

Author: Kike Aurelus