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Top recipes for "Black-beans"

Cuban black beans ii

a cuban lady down the street made these every wednesday...wonderful stuff! she served the beans over a bowl of hot rice, and garnished them with salsa, a little sour cream, and shredded cheese. it was...

Crockpot black bean tortilla soup

an easy vegetarian version of tortilla soup. i'm writing it here in its basic, mild form, but you can turn up the heat by adding tabasco, using a hot enchilada sauce, or throwing in some diced jalapeno...

Cuban bean dip

this is a wonderfully fresh "dip" if you want to use it as that - but is also good inside tacos, omelettes, as a side to grilled pork, fish or chicken - whatever you want to use it for.

Corn fritters with black bean salad

recipe is from good housekeeping magazine. perfect for a light lunch or brunch.

Coconut and bean soup

a vegetarian meal in a bowl. very easy to make.

Delicious dirty rice

found on an advertising flyer, nutritious and full of flavour and texture. prep time does not allow for the bean preparation, although if you substitute canned beans, then the time stated is the time...

Easy yet awesome chicken empanadas

i came up with this recipe by mixing a few different ones that i have used. i think it's awesome and has great flavor. i like to put cholula hot sauce on mine and dip in sour cream. hope you like it!

Crock pot caribbean style black beans

easy recipe for a weeknight meal. throw everything in crock pot in the morning and your meal's ready when you arrive home from work or school. serve with hot cooked rice; tossed salad on the side. source...

Chorizo and black bean soup with eggs

this recipe is from every day with rachael ray, which i modified to try to reduce the sodium. it's really quite tasty, and the egg is a nice touch - don't be afraid to try it!

Easy bean soup

i made this on the stove top, but this is a delicious crock pot meal to have ready and waiting for you when you come home. recipe courtesy of maurine hutchings, boise idaho and the idaho press tribune....

Cuban black bean soup healthier version

a famous comfort food made just a bit healthier and with fewer calories. taken from raichlen's healthy latin cooking.

Couscous bake

this is a simple meatless dish, and easy to make, courtesy of america's best one-dish recipes.

Easy cheesy vegan burgers

vegan black beans easy save for later quick meal

Chorizo lentil and black bean hash

i had some chorizo to use and this all fell into place with leftover beans and lentils from the fridge. serve warm on corn tortillas with cilantro and fried eggs.

Cilantro lime quinoa

made this up myself. delicious in burritos!

Crock pot creamy mexican chicken aka fiesta chicken

creamy chicken dish that you can spice up to suit your taste. basically, it's slow cooker chicken with cream cheese & any other ingredients you like. this recipe is our favorite combination and has a...

Chinese black bean sauce moosewood style

placing this here for safekeeping! i have had a wonderful szechuan eggplant at a chinese restaurant in town that i just love, but unfortunately, they stopped making it! they told me they used black bean...

Chicken and bean curry ww 7 points

this weight watchers friendly recipe makes six large portions. it freezes well and is wonderful served over rice, couscous, or a baked potato. soudaniya is a sweet-hot moroccan paprika. substitute...

Slow cooker enchiladas

this is perfect for a busy wife or husband on the go. set up the cooker and forget about it. great for cold nights.

Brownies with a surprise

the surprise is black beans......yes, beans. and very good that you would never know! adapted from 'stealth health - how to sneak nutrition painlessly into your diet'

Vegan black bean quesadillas

i was inspired to make this after looking around at the other quesadilla recipes on here. so i took a few ideas and kind of smooshed them together to make this amazing meal. i fed it to my non-vegan...

Caribbean chicken salad w fat free dressing

tropical chicken salad. makes 4 main meal serving or serves 8-10 as a side dish. beautiful addition to a picnic or potluck! adapted & lightened from pillsbury website

Dried cherry chili

this recipe, which i haven't made yet, comes from the cherry marketing institute and is loaded with antioxidants. they recommend that you garnish with corn strips, red onion and avocado. it could be made...

Turkey and black bean chili

this is the chili for those who don't normally eat chili. i originally found this recipe in a cooking light magazine. i make it all the time as it has only a few ingredients, is quick and easy and tastes...

Ranch chicken chopped salad

this salad is incredible! a salad with bbq chicken, corn, black beans, tomatoes, avocado, scallions, and cool ranch doritios. i get requests for this all the time. it's my favorite main dish salad recipe....

Corn and black bean salad with a kick

this is a variation on a recipe i saw in let me know what you think. if you don't want one so kicky, add an extra can of corn.

Southwest style black bean cilantro diced veggie salad

found this recipe in a pile of old magazine clippings i had saved. adapted from

Vegan fiesta soup

this soup was inspired by countless tortilla soup recipes and became this unique and simple recipe. it was really easy and quick to cook and is surprisingly flavorful. (note: soup is vegan without cheddar...

15 minute beef and bean chili skillet

stovetop skillet cooking is especially handy for quick meals. this dinner will only take a few minutes to prepare but it rewards with a big bold taste. serve it up for a weekend meal along with a tossed...

Weight watchers black bean brownies ww points 3

this recipe was featured in an email today from the website. it appears to be different from the others that are posted on zaar. "black beans add fiber and moisture to this lightened...

Easy beans in rice cooker

dry beans, cooked in your rice cooker. faster and easier than the crockpot, no need to soak. its easy to freeze portions, and much cheaper than buying canned beans. if you are just going to eat them,...

Mexican fiesta soup

looking for a new way to use leftover turkey? try this tasty recipe. recipe taken from glad/butterball turkey ad in good housekeeping.

Chunky taco soup

this easy taco soup is full of flavor. it tastes even better the second day. note: if you want it more soupier you can add another small can of tomato sauce.

Dreamy creamy bean dip

this is the creamiest bean dip ever! it is always requested and quickly disappears at parties.

Bum beans

easy and good. one day i was ready to make this recipe when i found that i was out of ground meat, so i used a bag of frozen meatballs and the recipe was even better.

Spicy black bean hummus

a latin american twist on the classic mediterranean snack. i never buy store-bought hummus anymore, as this homemade version i makes tastes so much better! the amount of servings really depends on what...

Black bean and roasted corn chipotle chili

this is a wonderfully thick and spicy chili. it really warms you up on those chilly nights!

Havana beans

i adapted this from "500 fat free recipes". i make this a lot when i'm hungry and have no idea what to fix. i cook the rice while making the beans and then throw it all together.

Crock pot black bean torta

this summer, i was given a cookbook called the "125 best vegetarian slow cooker recipes" now that i have a slow cooker, unearthed from my mothers basement, i can actually try all the great recipes in...

Southwest chicken barley soup

i was looking for somthing different with chicken for soup time after church and found this in one of my mothers cookbooks. it went over great. to make cooking time go faster on sunday morning i prepare...

Chorizo and white cheddar breakfast burritos

this recipe is from vista verde guest ranch, steamboat springs, co. makes a nice hearty breakfast.

Black bean and mango dip

a co-worker gave me this recipe at a staff birthday party. it has a unique taste and is extremely versatile. it will last for several days refrigerated.

Cowboy casserole sp5

official contest entry: simply potatoes 5fix. perfect for kids and adults, nicely spiced with beans, hamburger and salsa makes this the best tex -mex potatoes out there. leftovers heat well for lunch...

Jalapeno black bean dip

here's a dip you can make to suit your heat sensor--make it super hot, hot, or mild; it's still delicious and satisfying with your choice of chips.

Vegan chili

a warm and flavorful, easy to make vegan dish. for a chunkier chili, drain the beans and rinse. for more liquid, empty the can directly into the saucepan. it has been pointed out that traditional worcestershire...

Delicious chicken barley chili

this is a nice hearty meal that goes together very quickly. you can see how easy this recipe is to adjust for your family’s “spicy” tolerance. none of these ingredients are ever really "optional"...

Jimmy dean mexican rice with sausage

this is yummy inside of a flour tortilla and has all my favorites--beans, sausage, rice, and corn. the only ingredient i didn't have on hand that i won't leave out next time is the toasted pumpkin seeds...

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