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Top recipes for "Bananas"

Chocolate ribbon banana loaf

from taste of home's healthy cooking magazine. submitted by sharon giljum of san diego, ca. "with chocolate, bananas, and peanut butter, this bread has it all. at less than 275 calories per slice,...

Double delight banana cream pie

when i got tired of the traditional banana pudding, this is what i came up with. i hope you enjoy it. cook time is chill time. it's better if you can make it a day ahead of time.

Banana milk from yemen

this recipe is inspired by the yamani brand banana milk found in yemen, but it is a homemade version, so it is even healtheir and more tasty. this is a great snack for kids and a healthy alternative to...

Bananas managua

posted for the zaar world tour-nicaragua. from the "international vegetarian cookbook".

Dirty banana

yummy is all i can say about this. using frozen banana produces a thick shake like adult beverage.

Costa rican delight

send yourself to the tropics when you sip this easy-to-make smoothie-style banana-rum drink.

Classic banana cookies

here's a delicious cookie made with bananas. came from my mechanic, if you can believe that.

Dressed bananas

when i was a kid i never went to a card party or gathering of any kind without seeing dressed bananas on the table. my dad alone would go through at least a banana and a half!! people would ask my mother...

Chocolate banana ice cream

my vegan friends shared the idea of making ice cream out of bananas with me, then my family added our beloved chocolate.

Deep fried bananas

this makes enough for 12 people. you can serve these with your favorite.....honey, maple syrup, powder sugar, melted chocolate or hot fudge!

Orange date banana oatmeal

zesty! this is from although very tart, this has a sweet depth to it with a nutty overtone. i use more nutmeg, and find the salt, although optional, should be used. i will try subbing...

Crock pot banana bread

if your crock pot didn't come with a rack you can use an aluminum pie plate that is vented w/ holes, and cut the sides to fit the pot. for the "unit" i just used a non-stick bread pan.

Oatmeal base and variations healthy low fat oatmeal guide

in this recipe is the perfect and easiest microwave oatmeal base along with 21 variations you can choose from. its the perfect breakfast guide! you get variation without spending hours searching up differant...

Chocolate banana ice cream

if you're looking for a healthy treat to feed a craving for chocolate ice cream, this might be the recipe for you. how can you go wrong with just three ingredients? this version is made from pureed frozen...

Easy healthy banana ice cream

after seeing this idea floating around the web, i thought i'd experiment a little. three simple ingredients, no sugar added, no ice cream machine needed... how much healthier and easier could it get?...

Oasis smoothie

i love smoothies for dinner in the summertime here in the desert. this is one that i put together that really tastes great! hope you like it!

Dirty banana cake

the 'dirt' on this cake is that it's wonderful! actually, it's the coffee frosting...a 3-layer banana cake filled with banana buttercream and iced with that wickedly dirty frosting...2die4!

Double fudge banana muffins brownies

delicious rich and moist muffins - almost like a brownie! definitely top with your favorite frosting!

Cinnamon chip banana bars

this is my adaptation of a recipe i found in the april 2002 issue of the now-defunct bhg hometown cooking magazine. they disappear almost instantly whenever i make them. i like them because the fruit isn't...

Coconut banana pudding

from the june 2013 issue of cuisine at home magazine. the recipe notes say "so they're soft, slightly sweet and don't break down completely in the pudding, choose bananas with just a few brown speck on...

Crater banana bread

delicious mix between chocolate chip-banana bread and coffee cake, great for dessert or breakfast.

Easy banoffi pie

my english boyfriend introduced me to this pie, and after a bit of tweeking, i came up with this way of making it. it takes no time at all, and tastes fantastic.

Cranberry walnut banana bread

a very simple vegan variation on traditional banana bread. great for breakfast with a cup of coffee or as an afternoon snack!

Dr bird cake

this is one of my grandma's recipes. she always had one baked fresh when we came over to visit. it brings back fond memories of my childhood. it was always a family favorite of mine.

Protein shake

a natural muscle building protein recovery banana milk shake

Berry banana blast smoothie

a little sweeter than some of the other berry smoothie recipes i've tried. i was a little generous with the yogurt and probably used nearly a full cup.

Chocolate macadamia baked bananas

this is as easy a recipe as i’ve seen anywhere and so delicious: just have a glance at the ingredients and the instructions. do recipes come any easier than this? this is todd cameron’s recipe and...

Double the milk shake

this recipe is from "what to expect when you are expecting" but is a great way to get calcium today....for me, hubby and our four kids....(yep, four so there will be no more pregancy in our house!)

Kicked up banana smoothie

a creamy and nutritious breakfast flavored with chocolate, peanut butter, and honey from

Chocolate banana cheesecake shake

cheesecake-shake? yes, another one of my weirder ideas. i liked it at the time, but i honestly don't know what other people would think of it. i'm not sure why i posted it.

Banana scones

scones with a banana flavor

Banana coffee cake

this banana coffee cake is what happens when you take the best elements of banana bread and combine them with the best elements of traditional coffee cake. it's moist and tender like a banana bread, but...

Coconut banana muffins

i found this just searching around on the internet looking for recipes to add to my personal home cookbook.

Easy breakfast toast

this is so quick and easy and has a great taste. don't remember where it originated, could be a ww recipe. it would be very easy to sub low fat cheese, i do.

Coconut banana bread

my kids love it as cupcakes. the yoghurt and bananas keep it very moist and just sweet enough. add some walnuts or chocolate chips for fun!

Cream cheese spice bread

if you love sweet breads then you have to try this recipe. the cream cheese makes it sooo moist and creamy. and the cayenne gives it a unique kick (not spicy). best when its warm and smeared with butter....

Heart healthy smoothie

this smoothie is courtesy of the american heart association, enjoy.

Divine banana coffee cake

my own creation, born of the love of all things cinnamon and banana...easy and soooo satisfying! lovely, sweet bits of banana in a tender cream cheese and cinnamon coffee cake with a bit of streusel....

Grilled nanners

when having a cookout, these are very popular since the grill is already hot after the burgers are cooked. the kids think this is great fun to make.

Dreamy banana cream pie

my family just loves this creamy-licious pie -- it's quick and easy to make with instant pudding mix and a bit of cream cheese for that added special touch!

Banana crisp

while sailing i found myself with a bunch of bananas that were ripening too quickly, so came up with this quick, easy, delicious dessert. it's sophisticated enough to serve to guest!

Double banana chocolate chip upside down cake

serve this delicious cake warm topped with whipped cream yummmmmm! make certain to grease your pan very well so that the cake and banana/brown sugar mixture removes easily when inverted onto a plate.

Chocolate monkey oatmeal for one gluten free

a delightfully healthy breakfast in under 5 minutes that is low fat and has over 7 grams of fiber! rolled oats, cocoa powder, vanilla extract and banana, create this tasty treat that seems oh so sinful,...

Kona inn banana muffins

marion cunningham. the secret to these divine hawaiian muffins is using lots of bananas, and beating them into submission for an especially tender, moist result. these muffins are great keepers, and they...

Birdseed cake

i got this recipe from a bed and breakfast site awhile back, while searching for a place for guests to stay. it is wonderful! i submitted it to another recipe site some time ago and received an award for...

Jamaica cake

my mom clipped this out of some magazine eons ago and it was one of the first things i ever learned to bake as a girl. it is still a trusted stand-by for unexpected guests or when i just want something...

Green smoothie

tweaked over time to be healthier and tastier. you must use a high power blender. amounts are estimated as i rarely measure.

Double chocolate banana cookies

these are so yummy!! the hour chill time is included in preparation time.

Coconut banana and strawberry smoothie

recipe courtesy of bon appetit, may 2006.

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